Chia & Quinoa Tortilla ChipsChia & Quinoa Tortilla Chips890444000281Finally! A healthy yet still-tasty party chip! Late July® uses simple, traditional cooking methods to create their thin and crispy tortilla chips and then add a flavorful blend of chia and quinoa, that makes them impossible to stop eating. Fortunately, that’s OK because like all Late July® snacks, they're certified organic and gluten-free ,as well as tree nut-, and peanut-free, so you can feel good serving them by the bowlful to your guests—and yourself.11 oz bag
stale - by I usually love these but even though they arrived sealed, they all tasted stale and were not expired. Think it may be a packaging issue
Go 2 - by These are my go to chips now my family hasn't even noticed I switched them from corn chips to these.
Super tasty - by These chips are incredibly tasty. Feels like a lot of substance especially when you want to use it for guac!
jo - by hard to stop eating these, so tasty but keep well if you close bag well with chip clip
Will never buy another tortilla chip - by Sturdy chip with great flavor. The chia and quinoa don’t change the tortilla chip flavor - just add nutrition and crunch. I’ll honestly continue buying this with every box delivery.
Late July
Late July

Chia & Quinoa Tortilla Chips

11 oz bag
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