Baru SeedsBaru Seeds627733018715Baru seeds taste like a mix between almonds and cashews are deliver dietary fiber, vitamin E, and phosphorus too. Pack them for peanut-free school lunches, or add them to keto- and paleo-friendly pantries.5.3 oz pouch
fine - by these are fine. I normally buy right from Barukasnut the company as they have more options
awesome - by Love how crunchy and nutritious these little guys were! They aren’t the typical nuts & seeds you’re used to. There’s a unique kick of flavor - very roasty. It makes a perfect snack at any point in the day and it works well to sprinkle over salads!
Vivacious + taste peanut-y! - by Being a nut freak, I have a bucket list just for these lil' protein nuggets! Swapped in place of my usual nut butter in a few of my fave concoctions: tart + cookies. Tossed a handful into my granola.. soooo distinctive.
Not For Me - by It was worth a try, but not something I will reorder.
Delicious! - by I follow a low lectin diet and miss peanuts. These are a great sub.
Organic Traditions
Organic Traditions

Baru Seeds

5.3 oz pouch$1.79/oz
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