Immunity CapsulesImmunity Capsules850008878473So you're ready to take on the day, Rae's Immunity Capsules feature vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, and echinacea to help support immune response. This vegan supplement is a 30-day supply; take 2 capsules daily. 5% of revenue supports charity.60 capsules
Minty! - by So far so good with these. I felt like I was on the verge of getting a cold, I was waking Up with a sore throat so I went ahead and started taking these religiously. Sure enough I didn't get sick, I got better! Not 100% sure if these are the reason but I will keep taking them especially during flu season. They have vitamin C and echinacea and they're nice and minty so they're almost kind of fun to take. I have worked them into my morning and night time routine.
Aftertaste - by I didn’t like these, they had a definitive mint flavor/aftertaste. Not sure they helped with immunity.
Hooked On Rae - by I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Rae products I've tried. it is hard to gauge the effectiveness of vitamins...but they don't upset my stomach and that is key.
Made little difference - by I took these capsules but didn't notice any boost in my immunity. Perhaps they need to be taken longer
Good so far - by I got these after trying the multivitamin with no bad effects. Working well so far! I love that this brand is natural
Rae Wellness
Rae Wellness

Immunity Capsules

60 capsules$0.25/capsule