Chia Smash, RaspberryChia Smash, Raspberry860001517514Try this better-for-you jam on scones, toast, and more. Oswald Co. sweetens its raspberry spread with dates and adds chia seeds for extra nutrition. This jar is free from refined sugars, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.8 oz jar
I'm about to stock up! - by I was excited to try this and it is beyond delicious. I will be ordering more.
Who needs jelly? - by This stuff is DELICIOUS! I love the raspberry option specifically, I mix it in with my oats in the morning. It’s my new substitute in pb&j. No added sugar. I love it. It’s a staple in my fridge now.
One of my faves - by Can’t get enough of this stuff. I love it on yogurt, with peanut butter and on toast. Low sugar is great for me and my tastebuds.
Chia Smash - by Good, just a little tart if you are looking for sweet.
Goes bad quick! - by Tastes super good but definitely goes bad fast because of the lack of preservatives! Recommend it but just be aware of that!
Oswald Co.
Oswald Co.

Chia Smash, Raspberry

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