Avocado Oil SprayAvocado Oil Spray671635701879Finally, a cooking oil that can take the heat! Our Avocado Oil Spray is ethically sourced from Mexico where ripe avocados are picked, expeller-pressed, and bottled using natural air pressure technology—no additives or propellants. Its high smoke point (up to 500°F!) and neutral flavor make it ideal for roasting, sautéing, and baking.5 oz canister
great for cooking - by a little learning curve to using this as a spray but once you get the hang of it, it's a great alternative.
Not Neutral Flavored to Me - by The flavor of Thrive’s avocado oil, both bottled and spray, doesn’t agree with me. It has a very strong (not neutral) flavor that distracts from the things I’m cooking it with. All I can taste is the avocado oil. At first, I thought it was just avocado oil in general, until I tried Primal Kitchen’s avocado oil (bottle and spray) and realized that it tasted completely different. That being said, this product is not for me. Primal Kitchen’s is.
Good - by Convenient
I love this spray! - by I haven't had a problem spraying it, like another brand I bought and threw away soon after because it wouldn't spray. This is great for adding just a dash to wet the pan and prevents my over-pouring.
A must - by Favorite for cooking!
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Avocado Oil Spray

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