Non-GMO Matcha Latte Drink MixNon-GMO Matcha Latte Drink Mix671635705129Get your matcha fix with our Non-GMO Matcha Latte Drink Mix. This dairy-free beverage is made from organic Japanese-grown matcha, coconut milk, and a touch of organic coconut sugar. Ready to start your day? Just add hot water to the mix, stir, and enjoy the rich, nutty flavor. (Want an iced latte instead? Simply add ice and shake.)8.5 oz pouch
Not as creamy as I thought - by Maybe I had different expectations. Thought this would be close to Starbucks. Not as creamy as I prefer. This is Darker and more intended flavored.
Love this stuff! - by I haven't tried a ton of matcha powder/mixes because of the price but I bought this while it was on sale. Tastes like Japan ♥️ I usually add a few scoops to brewed green tea and a splash of half and half
Will this ever get back in stock?! - by This is a delicious matcha mix! I was a little hesitant about this, but it’s the perfect blend of earthiness and sweetness. It’s super creamy as is with just using water due to the coconut milk powder, but I add some oat milk and it makes a beautiful, thick latte. It’s never in stock when I try to buy it though, so I’m hoping it’ll return soon!
Decent - by Definitely different from what I'm used to but its not bad!
Easy to make - by A put a little bit in my Vanilla Protein Shakes. Does run on the sweet and thick side though.
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Non-GMO Matcha Latte Drink Mix

8.5 oz pouch$1.18/oz