Organic Ceremonial Matcha TeaOrganic Ceremonial Matcha Tea671635706379Hailing from the famed Shizuoka and Kagoshima regions of Japan, our organic ceremonial matcha is shaded prior to spring harvest, which promotes chlorophyll, resulting in a deeper taste and aroma. To prepare, add 1/2 tsp to 3 oz of hot water, whisk until dissolved, and sip! Its rich flavor and sweet, grassy aroma are sure to awaken the soul.0.7 oz pouch
Best Matcha - by I've been buying matchas that are slightly cheaper than this one, but they just do not compare. This doesn't have the bitterness or fishy flavor that other lower quality ones do. It's sooo much more green than other ones I've bought too. Love this stuff!
Matcha - by So good in a latte! Great taste & value
Great quality - by A high quality matcha that tastes amazing!
small package for the price - by I would say this was good matcha, but it came in such small packaging for the price.
Nice mild flavor - by I didn't know what Matcha tea was. I just heard it was healthy, so I tried it. When I received it, I read on the package, Japanese Green tea. I drink green tea, but I prefer it mixed with something like Mandarin oranges because I feel like the green tea alone has a strong flavor. So I thought I wouldn't really like this, but I love it. It is smooth and light. I thought maybe I didn't use enough, but in the end, there was some powder that I didn't mix in thoroughly enough, and it tasted fine in the last sip. Still not like the strong green tea I have had in the past. I am really enjoying this tea.
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Thrive Market

Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea

0.7 oz pouch$14.27/oz