Non-GMO Yellow & Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Sea SaltNon-GMO Yellow & Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Sea Salt671635703316Craving some crunch? Bring Thrive Market Tortilla Chips to the party. They’re certified gluten-free and made from non-GMO, USA-grown yellow and blue corn that’s been stone-ground, cooked in expeller-pressed vegetable oil, and lightly seasoned with sea salt. Their wholesome corn flavor, crisp texture, and impressive sturdiness make them an essential dipping accessory. Pair with homemade salsa, guacamole, or vegan queso.16 oz bag
Okay - by These are okay. Not my favorites but pretty average. A little too hard and rigid for me but I’m not a huge crunchy food person.
Great Crunch... - by These must not have had a good trip because there were very few whole chips in the bag. I love the thickness and crunch of these chips but, there is a strong oil smell present.
Good - by Good
Chips - by Perfect with any salsa!
Great chips! - by Perfect hardy chip for nachos
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Non-GMO Yellow & Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Sea Salt

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