Organic Chicken Mushroom Bone BrothOrganic Chicken Mushroom Bone Broth671635705945Our organic mushroom chicken bone broth recipe is clean and simple: We slowly simmer the bones of pasture-raised chickens with a medley of functional mushrooms and organic vegetables, herbs, and spices. The result is a nourishing, collagen-infused broth with a deeply savory taste you’ll crave. It’s also ideal for keto and paleo diets.16.9 fl oz carton
One of my favorite bone broth flavors! - by Simply delish! Savory and satisfying!
Easy and Clean - by I love having this as a snack, its super easy and quick to heat up on the stove and so filling! I sometime add some kimchi to mine.
Favorite bone broth - by Very good
Thrive Market, Organic Chicken Mushroom Bone Broth - by Bought this several times. Can be used with anything even if you are not using mushrooms.
Yum! - by This would be great in recipes but I just sip it on its own on a cold winter day!
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Organic Chicken Mushroom Bone Broth

16.9 fl oz carton
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