Almond Flour Focaccia & Sandwich Bread Mix

10.4 oz box

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10.4 oz box

Why You’ll Love It

Simple Mills almond flour mix is a naturally wheatless option made from arrowroot powder, flax meal, almonds, organic coconut nectar, baking soda, and sea salt—that’s it. The mix is dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and low glycemic (meaning it won’t cause blood sugar spikes after eating it). It's also compliant for Paleo and other low-carb diets.
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About This Brand

Founder of Simple Mills, Katlin Smith, grew up in a family who suffered from gluten intolerance—including herself. Throughout high school, Smith suffered from classic symptoms of gluten sensitivity like excruciating joint pain, frequent bouts of anxiety, and constant headaches. One day, the pain that Smith felt became almost unbearable. It was that moment when a close friend gave her some life changing advice—go gluten-free! It had helped Smith’s friend overcome similar health problems and she felt that it was worth trying. She removed anything containing gluten from her diet and almost immediately, Smith felt renewed. While she didn’t realize it yet, this was the first step toward her to-be company, Simple Mills. Simple Mills gets started Unsatisfied with the offerings of gluten-free options at the nearby market, Katlin started making her own snacks and meals at home. As gluten-free became a more widespread diagnoses, she slowly started to see a growing need for wheat...
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Almonds, arrowroot powder, flax meal, organic coconut nectar, baking soda, celtic sea salt.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 Slice of Bread/Dinner Roll (25g) Servings Per Container 12

Amount Per Serving

Calories 100 Calories from Fat 60

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 6g 9%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Sodium 200mg 8%
Total Carbohydrate 12g 4%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%
Sugars <1g
Protein 3g 6%

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 5%
Iron 4%

Manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Reviews For Almond Flour Focaccia & Sandwich Bread Mix

Based on 110 Reviews

Really good!

This is delicious. By far the best gluten free or almond-based bread I've ever had.

- Andrea

Very Good

Lately we have been making the best outside flat bread with this mix. Outside? Well, we simple place onto foil and bake, flipping once, over hot coals eather from a grill or a fire pit. Enjoy!

- Dominic

OMG I'm So Impressed

Hello, I'm so excited to say at this time - because I've just baked this as dinner rolls I'm excited to actually eat one! I have a gluten sensitivity and also to Rice Flours as well. I am hoping these taste as good as they look! I baked them in a stoneware muffin pan, and they came out looking amazing.

I've been missing bread like textures and this was my first food product from Thrive.

- Christine

Small but GOOD

For the price, the quantity is a bit less than I'd prefer -- BUT, it is SOOOO good that I just keep getting it. Seriously some of the best, most tasty gluten-free break I've eaten.

- Cindy


We just put the mix in muffin tins and made the rolls, which we actually served for breakfast, and they were a huge success among gluten fans and non-gluten eaters alike! You can make them sweet or savory by using herb butter, garlic and ghee, jelly, etc.

- Catherine

Yummy bread mix

I love this mix. It is easy to use, gives three different ways to make it (flatbread, rolls and loaf bread) and my kids love it.

- Joan

Great bread!

The bread is delicious! I made a small loaf and a flatbread. I used the kitchen aid to mix it all. The flatbread didn't sit as long as the loaf did before baking but I think it still tasted great. For the loaf, I used the other half of the flatbread dough, made it into a thicker disk, and baked it for an extra 5 mins. I think this would taste great as crackers or very thin flatbread instead of focaccia for dips or open face sandwiches

- Danielle Kouri

Dinner Rolls

This mix made perfect dinner rolls for my family's Thanksgiving dinner.

- Cara Knake

Second Time's a Charm

I'm going to admit I made my first box of this as a sandwich bread and must have messed it up because my husband and I weren't really thrilled about the result. However, I had ordered 2 boxes in my initial excitement because I tried other mixes by Simple Mills and loved them. So I made the second box as rolls and it was 100% worth it. My husband and I easily gobbled up a dozen rolls over a few days and even he commented (as a non-paleo "why can't I have bread?" nay-sayer) about how good these were. I've ordered several more times and we still love them!

- Kristen

Tastes Great

Made these as 'flat bread' in doughnut mold to try to make bagels. They are dense and chewy and delicious. Will buy and make again.

- Britt

Wonderful Tasting Bread

I make this into a loaf bread using rosemary infused olive oil.

- Karen

Really good

I used the mix to make mini muffins rather than bread and I love them. The mix could easily be modified to include herbs or go in a sweeter direction. The texture is fantastic compared to other gluten free breads.

- Lauren

Best bread!!!

Living gluten free means a lot of no's......This mix is a big yes! Rolls are delish, love it as sandwich bread.

- Debra


I loved it. Haven't had bread in a long time, the texture was nice and it's not full of sugar

- Leeza

Simple Mills Artisan Bread

I have tried multiple recipes and mixes over the last two years of being gluten free. This is the real deal. I used the dinner roll directions (also adding 1/2 tsp organic garlic powder and a pinch of Himalayan salt. I actually used a round glass baking dish with high sides. I just consumed half a loaf, mothered in grass fed organic butter. OMG.


Almond flour focaccia & Sandwich Bread.

I just make this bread for the first time yesterday 9/6/16 and I love it, my husband love it as well, I will surly buy it again and again, thank you.

- Olive


Not the worst gluten free bread I've had, but definitely far from the best. They have 3 different recipes on the back of the box - sandwich bread loaf, flatbread and dinner rolls. I made a loaf because it's been a while since I've had a decent sandwich.
Even though it was super easy to make, it didn't really live up to my expectations. It was OK in a sandwich because the other flavors masked the taste, but on it's own it had a strong baking soda aftertaste that I couldn't really get over and not much other flavor.

- Olga

Easy and delicious

I have only found 1 recipe for good sandwich bread that is grain free. And, it is time consuming. I am so happy to have found this bread mix. It is super easy and has a good consistency. I add 1-2 T of honey to the mix for my sandwich bread.

- Lisa

Pretty good

I liked this bread a lot. It was really easy to make. It needs a little more salt and it is a heavy bread but that is to be expected. I like that the ingredient list is so simple and healthy.

- Marian Jona


Great for pizza crust using the flat bread recipe.

- carol

No flavor

I don't know how this bread has such great rating. I ordered 4 boxes. I made one into buns. Such a disappointment. Absolutely NO flavor. At the bottom of the instructions there is a suggestion to add garlic powder, which I did not do. Next time, I'll make focaccia bread & put garlic, rosemary & basil on it. Hopefully, that will give this some flavor. I can make better tasting bread/biscuits from scratch. Not worth the money.

- Mary

Best Paleo "bread" around

I am on the paleo diet not because I am a religious convert or even want to "eat clean" but because I think it is necessary to keep my autoimmune disorders in check. I can't even begin to describe how much I miss bread, and I can't stand anything that is 100 % coconut flour or contains psyllium. This mix hits the spot, and is very reasonably priced. When I get a hankering for toast, this is my go-to product

- Sheri

good stuff

easy to make and very tasty!

- Annie

So, so good

I've only ever made this as flatbread, but it's so good topped with Italian seasoning and a little sea salt!

- Ashley

Best GF/Paleo bread EVER!!!!!

This is THE BEST GF/Paleo bread ever. My family always asks me to make two loafs. It's amazing.

- Guinevere

Great Bread!!!

Just when I thought I'd never be able to have a good bread product again along comes Simple Mills. Wonderful, tasty product for the grain-free.

- Susan

I tried the loaf

I tried the loaf of bread, and compared to the 2 paleo loafs I have bought in stores, this was BY FAR the best and it was easy to make. Very close to regular tasting bread and I really enjoyed it for breakfast and lunch while I was at camp, making my life simple!

- Stacey

Just Wow!

This is the best non-wheat bread I've had! A new must-have in my pantry!

- Marcela


When this bread bakes, it even smells like yeast bread! Delicious! This is truly guilt-free indulgence if you're GF or paleo.

- Lorraine

Simple Mills Almond Flour Bread Mix

I love this stuff for sure. You can make so many things with it

- Kandy L. Crabtree


This bread is excellent whether you are eating grain free or not. Even my skeptical teen loved it. I made it focaccia style and seasoned it before baking (garlic powder, rosemary, and sea salt). Then I brushed it with melted ghee after baking. I would definitely buy again.

- Debbie


There's something wrong with the TM listing: this is not Focaccia & Sandwich Bread (at least, it doesn't say that on the box). We made them into small cookie-like bread cakes (about 3") and they were tasty and filling. I suppose it's a bit expensive for the amount you get, but it is almond flour. We joked that the little cakes were like Elven Lembas Bread (Lord of the Rings) in that, having one of these bread cakes in your pocket could keep you alive for a while.

- Frederick

The Best Paleo Bread I've Ever Tried

This bread is grain and dairy free, low in carbs and low in calories. That alone makes it a contender. But what puts this over the top of every other paleo bread that I've ever tried is the yummy flavor! The secret is the apple cider vinegar which gives it a taste that is reminiscent of old fashioned sourdough bread. It is truly amazing. Even my husband is crazy for it and he is not Paleo at all.

- Linda R

Simple Mills Artesan Bread Mix

Easy, Fast, Awesome, Versatile.
I have even sweetened the dough with stevia or xyletol, added cinnamon, pecans, raisins for a "coffee cake".

- Annette

Simple Mills Artisan Bread Mix

It is quick and easy to make. Delicious and healthy!

- Janet


Used the mix to make flat breads and they came out pretty good but kinda hard. (But after freezing them and nuking them for a few seconds they were great) I'm new to the Paleo Lifestyle and finding this was a god send compared to the not quite paleo, gluten free frozen breads I find at the grocery store. I'm looking forward to trying the other recipes.

- Jenni


Not sure what I expected but I found it to be WAY too heavy for my preference and with a rather unpleasant taste. Would not buy again. Perhaps I just had the wrong expectations.

- Corinne

Fabulous Focaccia!

This is one of my favorite gluten-free products. With a little added rosemary and garlic it's better than any wheat based focaccia I've ever had. Love it!

- Lana


Nice replacement for dinner breads.

- Robyn

great GF low carb bread

Super easy to make, tasty.

- Kevin

this has added sugar

This item contains coconut nectar - which is sugar. Each box has a total of 12 grams of sugar. I only state this because it is displayed here when asking for items with no added sugar!

- Marci


I make dinner rolls with my 4 yr old. It's easy, has great ingredients, convenient, & delicious. I add garlic powder and parmesan cheese.

- Tiffany

Good easy bread

Eating Paleo, I missed bread. This hits the spot. I don't even miss the yeast. This bread has good taste and texture, especially since it is gluten free. Stores good in refrigerator.

- Kathleen

Excellent for sandwiches

I've made this both as flatbread and a sandwich loaf and it works both ways. The sandwich loaf slices nicely to make paleo sandwiches for school lunches. Best tasting paleo bread I've tried! We love Simple Mills products.

- Rebecca

Love it!

Used chia seed as egg replacer and it was excellent!

- Carolyn

Simple Mills Artisan Bread

I recommend this to everyone! So easy and delicious!

- Suzanne Klokkenga


This was very good

- Eric

Almond flour bread mix

It was good. Rose up nicely and sliced good.

- Helen

Didn't Care for Taste

I gave it three stars. I made the bread option. I felt it has a taste that does not seem like bread to me. I'm sure it's the almond flour that I'm tasting. Also, needs salt in my opinion if you decide to try it. I wouldn't purchase it again. I'll continue my search for a tasty gluten-free bread.

- Carol

Great Paleo low-carb mix

This made great focaccia bread, but even better muffins. I have square muffin tins, and they slice up wonderfully for toasting.

- Mary

Enjoying sandwiches again!!

Made this mix into a small loaf of sandwich bread according to the directions on the box and it was fantastic. The loaf is small in size but makes great little open faced sandwiches piled high with lettuce, tomato and uncured roast turkey or chicken salad. BLT's are back!! The bread is even more delicious when you spread on the Avocado Oil Mayo (Primal Kitchen) which is available at Thrive. With this super easy mix you can make two 7" flatbreads/focaccia, or twelve dinner rolls, or one 7.5" loaf of sandwich bread about 3.5" high. The sandwich bread is the easiest to make, just add eggs, water and apple cider vinegar, mix and bake. Doesn't taste eggy. Texture is moist, slightly dense and holds together. Not crumbly. Once baked the bread stores well in the refrigerator and makes excellent toast. Paleo-friendly, gluten free, low glycemic index, and soy free. What's not to love?!!! Will order this mix again and again.

- Kathy


Made the dinner rolls and they lasted a couple weeks in the frig. Loved them with egg salad, tuna or even cashew butter. For those times I missed bread.

- Karen

Amazing grain free option

We used this to make a round foccacia style bread for dinner. It was delicious. It smelled like real bread baking in the oven and my guests who aren't grain free loved it. It was similar to a moist cornbread in texture but not quite as crumbly. It held together well, wasnt too dense though. Will definitely buy more! Great price too.

- Katherine

Really good!

Even the teenagers fight over this bread when I make it. I've been eating Paleo since 2009 and this is the best bread I've ever had. It beats anything else I've tried to make myself or found a mix for. Well worth the money.

- Deb

Best GF Bread Yet!

As a long time GF eater, this is the best bread I've yet to eat. It's light and tasty. It goes well with food, or as a snack by itself. Also tastes good with jam!

- Laura

Almond Flour Focaccia bread mix

Tasted better than I would have thought.

- Nancy Brooks

pleasantly surprised

I am shocked that I can get a delicious tasting, paleo-friendly bread mix in a box! I was wary at first but the ingredients are clean! Very easy to make and so tasty! For those missing bread, and with limited time to make your own from scratch this is a great option!

- Ali


I could really get used to this DELICIOUS bread. When you toast it, the nutty flavor really comes to the fore!

- georgie

Very good!

Tasty and not too heavy!

- Tracey

Great Bread Mix

I have made flat bread using this mix and loved it. It's an amazingly tasty alternative to processed, bleached sandwich bread from the grocer. I am looking forward to making dinner rolls with it next. I highly recommend you give it a try.

- Dawn


Very good ingredients.

- Kay S. Capurro

If you can't eat gluten, etc.

Taste not bad. Made bread, but would try muffins and flatbread options.

- Elaine

Pretty skimpy

Not enough to make a decent size loaf

- Ann Knapp


This was beyond my expectation. Completely tasty, especially with a little butter while it is warm! Great texture too. So happy with I can have "bread" with such clean and gluten free ingredients.

- Annie

Very tasty

I've tried a number of paleo breads, this one is the best mix I've found. I bake it in 4" round "mini-cake" cups, to make thin sandwiches for the kids for school.
The flavor is almost like eating a cheesy biscuit, delicous!

- Penelope


I love the different options with this mix. I made it into muffins and served warm with butter and honey. I will definitely buy this mix again and again.

- Maureen

Yummy bread

I have been on a gluten-free diet for years because I know that gluten is harmful to the body and the brain. This gluten-free bread is so yummy. My 7-year-old granddaughter LOVES it, and makes it with me when she is here.

- Tanda

very happy with this

I don't normally buy package baking items as I love to bake. With my busy business travel schedule I decided to pick this up to have just in case. I LOVE the bread. Ingredients are paleo, easy to make and delicious!

- Allison

Nice flavor and texture

I added Italian seasoning to the batter and sun dried tomatoes/thin onions to the top with Parmesan cheese sprinkle. It was absolutely delish. The texture was nice which is always a gluten free issue with me.
I will buy this product again

- Christina

Just okay

Always looking for healthy gluten free options. Tried this mix, they have you add Apple cider vinegar which for me gave it a strange flavor. I made the focaccia bread with some savory toppings, just too many flavors going on with my topping the almond and apple cider vinegar. Probably would not buy again.

- Linda

Best whole food grain free bread mix out there!

Normally I make all my grain free breads from scratch. But when I was given a box of Simple Mills focaccia bread I read the ingredients and was surprised that it looked like my own recipe. I decided to try it and let me just! This bread is amazing. Even my husband who does not eat grain free on a regular basis loved it. I made the muffin recipe and froze them. I just pop one out, heat it up and enjoy. Great for when you don't want to mess with all the separate Ingredients. By the way....I am allergic to chicken eggs so substituted a duck egg. Worked great.

- Mary

p. good

the hubs is vegan, so i used flax egg. not bad. not great. but, pretty darn good

- Crissy


This is good stuff, but eat it all right away or refrigerate. Will go bad fast but I think that means it's natural.

- Aana

I needed bread in some form

There's no substitute (for me) for a wonderful yeast bread, but this was good.

- Judy

very good

This product was very easy to make and very tasty. I used it to make bread/buns for an egg breakfast sandwich and hamburgers. It worked great.

- Diane

Great taste

Loved it..great texture and taste and easy to prepare!

- Donna

Better than anticipated

We really liked this mix. Love that it has simple ingredients and no preservatives. It's great when I don't have time to make a batch from scratch! Great for flatbread pizza!

- Lisa

very tasty

this almond bread is my new all time favorite - a slightly nutty taste, good texture and perfect for sandwiches

- nicki

Focaccia bread mix

This mix is easy to prepare, and the bread is very moist and tasty.

- Sarah


I tried to use this for sandwich bread. It was really dense and felt like a belly bomb.

- Carissa

Fabulous gluten-free bread!

I make this bread very often, take it to social events so people on gluten-free diets can have bread, and eat lots of it myself as I am on a gluten-free diet. It is so delicious and healthy.

- Tanda

Great paleo bread

This is the best paleo bread I've eaten by far. All the other recipes I've tried online are way too eggy for my tastes. This tastes close to real bread and is SUPER convenient.

- Kristin


I make these as flat round breads (in extra large muffin cups) for sandwiches for school. I love the flavor, savory and almost cheesy. They are quite dense in texture, but still better tasting than other paleo bread we've tried.

- Penelope


I love, love, love this product so much. The bread is good but the muffins are REALLY good. Even my picky husband was eating them up. Will continue to buy and enjoy !!

- Rebecca

Great flavor!

I made this mix as rolls and they were perfect. Great taste!

- Amy

Superb almond bread

This almond bread is so simple in ingredients, and it is simply delicious. It bakes quickly and other ingredients can be added to give different flavors.

- CreativeOne

love this bread

This is the closest thing to real (gluten-based) focaccia! Great texture and taste. I even made it without eggs because of allergies and it came out well, by substituting applesauce. I put rosemary on top and baked it. Looks and smells great!

- Laurie


If you generally like wheat, whole grain, or multigrain breads you should love this bread as a healthy grain-free alternative! It is a heavier bread so it will not rise like a grain floured bread would but it tastes amazing, especially with a little pat of ghee spread over a warm slice! The next time we make it we are going to try it as dinner rolls and see how it turns out but so far the bread was delicious! :-)

- Tifani

love it

delicious - and I NEVER use mixes but this is flawless, super great ingredients & I love it

- lynettelamere

Great Paleo friendly Bread

I have tried this bread two times now and love it. Not only is it Paleo friendly, but also one of the ingredients that goes into it is ACV which is good for you!

- Cindy


Maybe I had high expectations for this product, I'm sad to say I was sorely disappointed. I followed the directions as is and made a loaf of bread. The bread baked and cooled just fine. Once it was sliced I tried it plain and it was just awful. It was dry and very "grainy" tasting. It had no flavor. Maybe I should have added a pinch of salt in? I then tried it toasted with some jam and it was bearable but still not a family favorite.

- shopgirl

Love it!

This has become a pantry staple at our house. It's easy to make and tastes great. We make it using English muffin molds, great for sandwiches, burgers,etc. I add a little onion powder to it, but could easily add cinnamon, raisins for a sweeter version.

- Joy

Wow, is this good!

I made this as the focaccia, with rosemary and coarse salt, and boy is it good. The crumb holds together (with fresh eggs, and a bit of flax meal and arrowroot in the mix), so the inch-high bread can be sliced in half. Then can use it for sandwich bread, or french toast, or anything requiring the crumb to hold together. And, unlike many GF breads and bread mixes, this is predominantly almond flour (not super-refined starches).

- Andrea


Finally an artisan bread that is gluten free and very tasty - easy to make/bake and you can accent it with garlic powder or spices of your choice. Excellent!

- paulina


Used it to make pizza. Replaced the egg with flax egg replacer. Cook first then broil toppings until chess melts.

- Jessica

Not as soft as I anticipated.

I made two different batches of Focaccia and both turned out semi hard. I thought I followed the steps correctly but something went wrong along the way. It was edible...the taste was fine but would've liked it to be softer from the inside, at least. I will attempt another batch and hope the third time is the charm. I want to love it as it would work great for my Paleo diet.

- L. Lowe

GF for my GF!

My girlfriend loves to bake with gluten-free ingredients so we bought this. We found that when we make the bread ourselves it just tastes better! This flour has done us well! We mix in nuts and or fruit sometimes to make a breakfast style bread. Other times we add flax for lunch bread.

What we didn't like was that the recipe really worked best with eggs. Sometimes she makes it with apple sauce instead- its just not the same. We would buy again regardless.

- Glen Palmer

Best Paleo Bread!

Bread was extremely hard for me to give up when I began following the paleo diet. I tried a few paleo breads from various stores and eventually gave up because they were all terrible. A friend told me about this mix and it is awesome! I use it for sandwiches and it fully satisfies my bread cravings. Awesome job, Simple Mills!

- Ricardo F

Sooooo Delish!!

This is not only Delish but so convenient!!!!! My whole family gives them 5 stars!!

- Tamah

I Recommend To All!

Normally I make my own paleo bread but I decided to try this mix to save some time. I am so glad I did! It turned out perfect. I used it with a tuna fish sandwich and an almond butter and sugar fee jelly sandwich. I have already ordered another box. This is a delicious fast fix when I am short on time.

- Sherri

A Winner

Love being able to whip this up so easily. I am thinking I will try it as small rounds next to split and toast ala english muffins. This is a very versatile and easy mix to have on hand.

- Donna

Hard as rock

I used the egg replacer with this mix and the bread came out hard :(

- Allana

loved it!!!

made it as a Focaccia bread and loved the texture of it which is the closest to real bread that I've come across... and I've tried so many!!!! a winner in my book. ordering some more making it the other two ways suggested on the box...:)

- Laurence

Loved it

This was exciting to have a quick grain free bread mix that can be prepared multiple ways! Will definitely buy again.

- Emily

Simple ingredients, simple to make.

Whips up into a decent, versatile, truly paleo, grain-free bread. And with a lot less measuring/steps compared to baking from scratch.

- Emma


Makes the best dinner rolls ever.

- Kyra


Quite possibly the most delicious dinner roll alternative on the market!

- Joe


I've baked these as a loaf and rolls/muffins. Both are amazing but I tend to use the muffins more. I've even baked them without eggs using ground chia seeds as an egg replacer and they turned out great! Absolutely love this company and haven't found a product of theirs yet that my family doesn't love. And the ingredient list is definitely one to feel good about.

- Jessica

Pleasantly Surprised!

We enjoyed this bread, I prepared it into 2 rounds as the box suggested. I was impressed with the soft bread like texture and flavor. Would definitely make again.

- Sarah

Would make again

Note: I halved the bag/recipe which probably caused my first try to not turn out as well if I had used the whole bag, which the instructions suggest. With that said, I would use the product again
Pleasant taste, good substitute for a wheat based bread, smells good, easy to make. My first attempt was pretty sticky and difficult to shape into a circle. It didn't rise at all, which I didn't really expect with the ingredients. As long as you don't expect it to be like a wheat bread, you will enjoy it.

- Raychel

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