Flypunch: Fruit Fly Trap

6 oz jar

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6 oz jar

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Fruit flies are more than a nuisance—they can cause food to spoil faster and even carry transmittable diseases. One female fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs at a time so if a couple are buzzing around, it’s time to take action. Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! DiveJars effectively eliminate fruit flies with a non-toxic formula that’s derived from natural concentrates so they’re safe to have near your food. Simply open the DiveJar flip-top, throw away the seal, and place the jar in the area where fruit flies like to congregate. You can leave it for up to 30 days (although it’s most potent in the first two weeks). One jar can tackle up to 500 cubic feet of space, so buy accordingly.
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About This Brand

AUNT FANNIE’S MAKES POWERFUL, NON-TOXIC FOOD BASED CLEANING AND PEST SOLUTIONS. Years ago, cleaning and pest solutions were homegrown and made with hand-picked ingredients. Just like the folks that fashioned them, these solutions were hardworking, no-nonsense and filled with tried-and-true ingenuity. Aunt Fannie’s cleaning and pest products are made with food-based ingredients, hearkening back to the pre-chemical wisdom of generations past. Our solutions guarantee a superior, industrial-grade cleaning and pest experience, all while helping you keep a fresh and healthy home or establishment. Find out more about our mission in this letter from our Founder.
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Reviews For Flypunch: Fruit Fly Trap

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This really works!

Before trying this I was very skeptical about how well it would truly work. I was pleasantly surprised when it attracted the fruit flies better than anything else I've ever tried! I will definitely get this again!

- Cynthia Hill

REALLY works!

Great little jar of wonder! I opened it and within 10 minutes I had a couple of fruit flies in the sauce. I've had it for 2 weeks & nary a fruit fly flying around, but quite a few in bottom of jar.

- Barbara

Awesome product!

Fruit flys were driving us crazy and after trying nearly everything we just could not figure out how to get rid of them! The Auntie Fannie's Fly Trap product really helped get rid of them quickly and efficiently. I would recommend this product to anyone plagued by pesky fruit flys.

- McKinley

This stuff works

I have had a problem with knats this summer and this stuff works.

- Jennifer

its ok

its not the best, but works ok. Our homemade vinegar trap seems to work better.

- Alejandra

Down with the fruit flies!

This stuff works!! I went on vacation and accidentally left bananas out on my kitchen counter. When I returned, it was officially a fruit fly infestation. After wasting my time with DIY apple cider vinegar traps, I decided to put Aunt Fannie to the test.

I opened my jar of FlyPunch and within a few hours, I noticed fruit flies beginning to swarm around the lid. I must say, there is something grotesquely satisfying about watching them march to their death. Whatever is in it must be like fruit fly crack. I've now had it out for 5 days and there are dozens of bodies in the jar! Will be buying more!

- Lauren

Sayonara, fruit flies

I'm glad I waited to write a review, because it took a few days for the fruit flies to start diving in, but when I came down to the kitchen in the morning 3 days after opening my bottle there was nary a fruit fly to be seen. Sure enough, the bottle was full of bodies! It must have had something to do with their life cycle and when they are attracted to the smell of the FlyPunch, that's the only thing I can think of. Regardless, I am happy and my kitchen is now fruit fly free :)

- Joe


This works extremely well and pretty instantly. You'll notice a strong smell when the bottle is first opened but it goes away after a day. Also the bottle says it lasts two weeks before needing replacement, but I've had mine for close to a month and it's still catching fruit flies.

- Jen

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