Price Check: See How Much You’ll Save on Kids’ Snacks

January 25, 2016
by Thrive Market
Price Check: See How Much You’ll Save on Kids’ Snacks

For many people, healthy foods and high-quality products are just too expensive. We’re out to change that—at Thrive Market, you’ll find all the natural and organic goods you love at much more affordable prices. Check out how much we saved on kid-friendly snacks just by shopping on Thrive Market!

No matter how many healthy values you instill in them, kids will still be … kids. Even the little girl who happily guzzles green smoothies might want a fruit roll-up when she sees her best bud unwrap one.

Frankly, raw carrot sticks just plain pale in comparison to some of other snacks out there. That’s where healthier, organic versions of Cheez-Its and Pop-Tarts come in. Spice up a veggie-filled lunch with some gluten-free cheese puffs, 100 percent real-fruit applesauce squeeze pouches, and a snack bar. Not only will your kiddo get a more nutritious meal, but they’ll also be the envy of the cafeteria.

Even better, shopping for snacktime supplies on Thrive Market means mom and dad will start racking up the savings. Want to celebrate with a fruit leather, anyone?

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Aged White Cheddar Lunch Snacks

Retail Price:$7.69

Member Price:$5.79(Save 25%)

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Organic Applesauce Squeezes - Apple Apple

Retail Price:$4.49

Member Price:$3.79(Save 16%)

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