Homemade premium quality pasta sauces made from fresh, all natural ingredients.Italian Food enjoys an excellent reputation in kitchens worldwide. New York based Rao's Specialty Foods, Inc. has shaped the face of Italian Cuisine in the USA and is now poised to conquer the international markets.The history of Rao's Specialty Foods, Inc. dates back as far as 1896, when Mr. Charles Rao laid the foundation stone for the enterprise by establishing a small saloon in New York City. More than a century later, the business continues to remain in the hands of the Rao family. Sharon Straci, Rao's Partner and Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for defining and implementing Rao's Specialty Foods' product strategy and business development worldwide. Sharon heads a team of 16 dedicated members of staff, all of whom refer to Sharon as, "The Woman Behind The Sauce," and who contribute their unique know-how for the benefit of the entire enterprise.Rao's has also developed a range of products for the retail trade. The portfolio is made up of 13 different sauce varieties. Rao's Specialty Foods' sauces are made from natural ingredients such as Italian plum tomatoes and fresh vegetables. The range of sauces includes: New Roasted Garlic sauce made with aromatic, caramelized garlic, New Raos 4 Cheese sauce, a smooth blend of four classic Italian cheeses, Rao's Pizza Sauce made with Italian cherry tomatoes, and Rao's famous Marinara Sauce, a traditional slow-simmered tomato sauce , Rao’s Sensitive Formula Marinara Sauce, which is formulated without onions or garlic for those with sensitive digestive systems, Rao's Tomato Basil Sauce made with fresh basil, and Rao's Vodka Sauce, made with Parmesan and Romano cheeses and vodka. The selection also includes two Southern Italian favorites: spicy Rao's Arrabbiata Sauce, and Rao's Puttanesca Sauce, a combination of tomatoes, anchovies, capers and olives, and two hearty vegetable sauces -Garden Vegetable Sauce made with fresh peppers, onions and mushrooms, and Rao's Roasted Eggplant Sauce made with freshly roasted eggplant. For the meat lovers, Rao's offers two distinct meat sauces: Cuore di Pomodoro Sauce made with prosciutto and onions, and Rao's Italian Sausage and Mushroom Sauce.In addition to sauces, Rao's Specialty Foods also offers a selection of dressings and marinades, extra virgin olive oil, organic vinegar, aged balsamic vinegar, balsamic glazes, Italian pasta, certified organic Italian Tomatoes and antipasti such as the fire roasted red peppers, and grilled vegetables.Production of our worldwide foodservice is done in Italy near Naples. In the USA, Rao's Specialty Foods has production facilities in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.Rao's Specialty Foods has thus taken a further step in its ongoing expansion strategy, as it strives to introduce the flavors of southern Italian cuisine to its customers worldwide.Rao’s imports its tomatoes from the fertile volcanic fields of Southern Italy. Imported pure olive oil, fresh vegetables and fresh basil are added and slowly cooked to create a perfectly balanced pasta sauce.The simplicity of Rao’s sauces makes them a common base for many great dishes. Rao’s all-natural pasta sauce is not only perfect for pasta, but also wonderful for preparing classic Italian dishes with shrimp, veal, steak, chicken, pork, dips, bruschetta, caponata, vegetables, or over rice, couscous or polenta.

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