Tender & True

We launched Tender & True in October of 2014 to provide pet parents with a super-premium pet food. At that time, we had personally been eating more organic and antibiotic-free food and felt the difference it was making in our health. So it just made sense we’d want the same for our pets. Our philosophy is simple: We strive to provide the best pet food products governed by the same high standards you prefer for the foods you eat. Because we know your pets are part of your family, and we believe their food should reflect that. While Tender & True has been around since 2014, we’ve been in the pet nutrition business for over 30 years, focusing on high-quality meats. We’re dedicated to giving your pet the best and most delicious food possible. The best food means the best quality of life for your dog or cat, which means more time with you, more playing catch, more cuddling, and an all-around healthier pet. With 95 percent organically certified ingredients, Tender & True is set apart from all other brands on the market. The No. 1 ingredient in all of our dog and cat foods is sustainably sourced animal protein, and none of our recipes contain corn, wheat or soy. We would never use artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. One of the most compelling differences between Tender & True and all other pet foods is our partnership with the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). We are the first and only full pet food line with GAP certified meat as the first ingredient. And while we are seriously passionate pet owners, our GAP partnership is driven by our concern for the welfare of all animals. Our USDA Certified Organic Chicken & Liver recipe is GAP Certified Step 3, which means the animals are raised in an enhanced environment with outdoor access. All chicken and turkey recipes are sourced from U.S. farmers and are GAP certified to ensure your pets are eating proteins that were humanely raised in a reduced-stress environment without added hormones or antibiotics. Our ocean whitefish recipes are made with MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood because we are committed to sustainable fishing practices. It’s good for your pet, and it’s good for the world’s oceans. When your dog or cat enjoys Tender & True, you can be assured they are getting 100 percent balanced nutrition made from only the highest-quality ingredients. That’s why we’re convinced it’s not just pet food. It’s the perfect superfood for your pet.

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