Crystal Deodorant Stick

4.25 oz stick

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4.25 oz stick

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Rock shaped into an easy-to-use, silky-smooth twist-up stick. Perfect for women and teens, this natural mineral salt crystal lasts up to one year with suggested use.
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About This Brand

Created in 1984, Crystal® is the world's leading natural mineral salt deodorant. It works to prevent odor while other products attempt to mask it or plug pores with harsh chemicals like aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium. Crystal is a hypoallergenic deodorant that is safe, healthy, and totally effective.
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Potassium Alum (Natural Mineral Salts)

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Reviews For Crystal Deodorant Stick

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I am very happy with this deodorant. It works well, and is unscented. The container lasts a loooong time also. It doesn't leave underarm marks/stains.


Not to be confused with a roll on deodorant

- I have no doubt in my mind that this will last you for a year as it claims! Great for the price as well.

- I prefer to use this deodorant directly after getting out of the shower. (Might I add my armpits are hairless; I believe this helps to ease product application.)

- I would like to warn potential buyers that you need to wet this deodorant stick before using it (lightly wet it otherwise it will drip drop down the side of your body.)

- My main issue with this product is that I am so use to using scented deodorants that because there is no smell AT ALL! I am often worried about odor throughout the day -- So for that reason alone sometimes I feel like it doesn't work.. (for me)

- Onika

Crystal Deodorant Stick

I was using Tom's and would get stinky by the end of the day. With this stick I stay smell free till I shower! I love it! You still sweat a little but, who cares? Highly recommend!

- Vickie


This deodorant is amazing! I have worn it for a little over a week now, and it works better than ANY other deodorant I've ever used; including clinical protection deodorant! There are no marks, no scent, and most importantly, no irritating my skin!

- Kendra


I am very happy with this deodorant! I had been using a DIY product with baking soda, which irritated my skin. I then moved on to a DIY product with arrowroot, which was much better on my skin, but did leave marks on my clothes. This deodorant works well and leaved no marks! And it will last a loooong time.

- Cheryl

Contempt prior to investigation...

I have been a natural deodorant user for years. Everything from homemade myself to all those brands found in every health food store to mail order hand crafted stuff. My under arms have been dark and irritated for years. I just figure that was the way it had to be. I thought crystal deodorant seemed gimmicky and weird. Then I finally tried it two weeks ago. Boom! It's amazing!!! There's no stink and no irritation! I love the way I smell. It's me without funk. Can't say enough good stuff about this. Love it!

- Anna

Not what I expected

This deodorant is fine if you are just around the house. Once I start breaking a sweat I notice the odor immediately. I have to constantly reapply it. I like how it does not irritate my skin after shaving.


Crystal deodorant stick

The best I have ever used! I was having trouble with irritation and hives using other natural products. This one is gentle. No body odor.

- CV

Best deodorant ever!

A friend told me about this deodorant. Said its 'different' but will keep me from being stinky! I have changed out everything else in my life but getting rid of the aluminum deodorants was so hard because all of the other natural or organic options I tried did nothing for my stink.... But this does! Even my husband commented. So he will be getting his own in my next order. So happy to have gotten this and cut out the aluminum from my life!

- Kim


I finally believe I have found something that works for this almost 50y yr old menopausal body!! I found that while the products with baking soda worked they really irritated my skin, this is not irritating me and it works in this southern humidity! :) Thank you Thrive!


Deoderant stick

My 7 year old has a lot of enzyme and gluten issues, thus she produces body odor not common in such young kids. I will not subject her to aluminum based deodorants or powders with starches in them. This has been a life saver and I don't have to worry that I am creating problems.

- Robyn

Crystal Deodorant

This a deodorant that I have been using for many years. It was wonderful to get it as a cost of significant savings.

- Shirley

I love this deodorant

I have already been using this for a while, but I can get it for a better price here on Thrive Market so it's a win win! The only negative I find is that after a while of use, the salt crystal doesn't stay in the holder because of shrinkage, but it still works fine.

- Cary

Crystal solid

I bought this product over a year ago,works great and last forever.I prefer unscented so this is perfect.Also never leaves a mark on clothing.

- Denise

Works great!

100% effective for me! No need to reapply.

- Rachelle

Love it

Took a while to get used to, but now that I've been using this for a while, it's been working pretty great! If I want fragrance I just dab a drop of essential oil and call it good! I'm impressed because it's the first natural deorderant that has lasted longer than a couple hours for me.

- Nikki

Works great and lasts darned near forever!

I love this product! It completely controls my BO even on super hot/active days. The current stick has lasted for at least two years.

- Trish

Pretty Good

I have super sensitive skin, and most other main-stream deodorants would break me out. I Switched to Crystal and have been using it for a few months now, and I do like it. The only issue I have is that there are no moisturizing qualities to the deodorant so it can leave my skin a bit rough and somewhat irritated and itchy. But the benefit of having no harsh cancer-causing chemicals outweighs the slight irritation. I will continue to use!

- Ashley

Great For Around The House

This deodorant worked great for when I was doing things around the house, but it wasn't strong to last all day at work. I had to reapply which was difficult to do at work since stick (or armpits) need to be wet to apply.

- Rachel

Keeps me dry

I like this deodorant because it doesn't use any aluminum chlorohydrate, which is what most deodorants use to absorb moisture. This also has no parabens, and is made from natural mineral salts, with no dyes. It works really well to keep me dry and Thrive's price is almost two dollars less than on Amazon. A little goes a long way, so I'm getting even more value.

- Jacquelyn Howard

Natural Alternative

I switched most of my personal care products over to organic versions awhile ago, but I hadn't switched my deodorant over until recently. I just thought I really needed medical-grade strength. I tried this deodorant, and it's definitely not bad. I'm not insanely impressed, but it does its job. It takes a bit more effort to use than most normal deodorants, and it seems to only be the most effective when put on while the skin is still wet from after a shower. It also does seem to require a couple applications throughout the day to stay effective. It's certainly not a bad deodorant, and the benefits of using a safer product outweigh the annoyances, but there are still annoyances.

- Eliza Thornes

Actually Scentless!

This deodorant is actually scentless-I really love that! I also like that it keeps me dry and scent free all day. It is aluminum free so it won't add any more risk of getting cancer, and that is very important to me. I like this deodorant, just wish it supported a great organization such as American Cancer Society or something like it.

- Sarah Kline

Works great!

Just make sure you apply ample amounts (just keep rubbing it on until the stone isn't super wet anymore) and it will last you ALL day without fail! Really a nice product if you want an ACTUALLY scent-free deodorant.

- Stacy

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