Roll-On Deodorant, Lavender & White Tea

2.25 oz stick

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2.25 oz stick

Why You’ll Love It

Enjoy the natural anti-inflammatory properties of lavender and the soothing aromatherapy benefits of white tea. This crystal-infused combination of calming scents rolls on lightly. Its smooth rolling ball feels great going on, while the power of natural mineral salts naturally eliminate odors all day long.
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About This Brand

Created in 1984, Crystal® is the world's leading natural mineral salt deodorant. It works to prevent odor while other products attempt to mask it or plug pores with harsh chemicals like aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium. Crystal is a hypoallergenic deodorant that is safe, healthy, and totally effective.
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Purified Water (Aqua), Potassium Alum (Natural Mineral Salts), Natural Fragrance made with essential oils and extracts, Cellulose (plant derived), Sodium Bicarbonate, Benzoic Acid (natural preservative), Zinc Gluconate (natural preservative)

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Reviews For Roll-On Deodorant, Lavender & White Tea

Based on 53 Reviews

Great stuff

I like this stuff quite a bit, though I do end up stinky about halfway through the day. The solid salt crystal works a little better, but this is more convenient. I highly recommend this deodorant!

- Martha


This is my favorite deodorant. I've tried so many natural options. I keep coming back to this.

- RM Bishop

Does the trick!

I have purchased this product twice. and works great for me. No unpleasant scent. I Feel good using a more natural deodorant.


Great aluminum free option!!

I have tried other lavender deodorants and I ended up with break out, as well as having a decidedly unpleasant smell. This is nice and light, no white streaks, and does the job well. I do reapply once during the day, but then I'm good to go. I'd definitely recommend, especially at this price point.

- Patti

Extremely impressed!

I was hesitatant to try as I work closely with a lot of people at a hospital. I do sit in an office for several hours a day at work as well but also have a small urban "farm" that I care for before work so I do some outdoor chores daily.

I'm now on my second bottle I have not had ANY issues with odor! I even had my hubby and a (very close) friend do the sniff test and no issues at all while using this. You will sweat as it has no anti-perspiration additives but it doesn't smell!

I haven't done any marathons or anything as exerting but it's been hot and I have been sweating. I even tested it a couple of times by not showering the second day ( on a days off) and I still had no odor!

I will add that I'm not one of those who really had serious issues with odor and I do use a good amount f this under my arms. I figure I want enough salts to do a good job. It will be wet for a minute or two but no stains on clothes so far and it is so worth it!

- Renee


Doesn't last very long, have to reapply during the day, and doesn't dry fast enough but doesn't stain white clothes wich is my main problem with regular deodorants. I'll probably buy it again.

- Melanie

Lovely scent, light protection

I bought this deodorant because I was looking to see how a natural alternative felt and worked compared to typical drug store brands. i love the scent and cooling sensation of the liquid when it's applied. However, it does not last *terribly* long. I'm not a heavy sweater and 'normal' deodorants usually last all day for me. With this one, however, I found myself being staunchly aware of the need to reapply by the late afternoon. Still deciding whether or not I'm going to stick with this and just deal the reapplying. Definitely can't beat the price on it, either!

- Sarah

Lavender & White Tea Crystal Deodorant

I use this with Weleda Sage. Together they cut any underarm order.

- Linda

Worked, but...

I had to apply it multiple times and it went on very wet. By the middle of the day it had worn off; I'm assuming it was just not right for me, but it had a very nice scent.

- Amanda


This has become my go to deodorant. No irritation & smells great!

- CF

Fresh as a Lavender Field...

Stay fresh all day no matter what the weather or how much you perspire....

- Wanda I. Fazio

love the scent

I really love this scent. I usually use the Crystal stick and this is my first time trying anything of the same brand. I wore it on a very hot humid day, and by the end of the day i feel like i could smell myself getting a bit of odor up close, but not noticeable if i didn't have my nose in my arm pit. Probably would benefit from a second application on days like that.

- Aimee

Light fresh scent

My new daily deodorant. I like using the crystal but sometimes it is nice to have some scent. This does the trick!

- Gwen

Lavender and white tea deodorant

This gave absolutely no protection at all and was very wet to put on, even if I used a small amount

- Judy Goetz


Trying to stay healthy for the long run this provides odor control and has a soft sent.

- Robyn


the delicate scent!

- Sandra


the delicate scent.

- Sandra


Delicate smell.

- Sandra

Could Be Stronger

As a strong sweater, this deodorant wasn't enough to keep me dry and entirely kill odor. However it would definitely work for most of the population and I love the smell and how smooth it left my skin. I just need an extra strength version please!

- Lina

It actually works!!!

I used Tom's natural deodorant before this one and I would have to reapply throughout the day, but this works SO WELL! No reapplication needed. Smells nice too. I would prefer a stick instead of a roll-on, but it works so well I won't be looking for anything else any time soon. I also started using a detox body mud on my armpits once a week, so that helps too.

- Laura

Good so far !

I purchased this natural roll on to attempt less chemicals on my body. The scent is minimal and so far it works well.

- Mary

Best Deodorant Ever

Each of us has our own chemistry with these deodorants. What works for one, may not work for another. So if this is not the best deodorant you have ever tried, don't give up. There are many others to try without anti-perspirants. I love this roll on and all of its fragrances. I can make it a full 24 hours (sometimes a little longer depending on my hormone cycle) without any odor. I will never use another brand of deodorant. And have not found it at this price anywhere else. Great Price Thrive - thank you.

- Patricia

Great coverage

This goes on easy and dries quickly. I haven't noticed a BO smell on myself. I've only been wearing it for a week, but I am pleasantly impressed.

- CO Mama

My favorite deoderant

Out of all the natural deodorants I have tried, This one is my favorite. It lasts all day and I have not had an allergic reaction like with the other natural deodorants I have tried. I strongly recommend this one. And it smells good too :)

- Crista

so far so good

Wasn't too sure about this but so far so good!

- Christina

Great deodorant great value great scent

It does what it's supposed to do, smells great, and very inexpensive. I have tried Tom's but it did not perform as well as I had liked. I will buy this again.

- Cynthia

Like the lavender smell

I like the smell but it doesn't stay on for 24 hours,I live in Florida where it's hot and humid and when I apply the deodorant,I have to reapply again after some hours to continue smelling fresh. But I love the smell all in all.

- Ndewana

Very good, natural deodorant!

Had to do an armpit detox with bentonite and ACV to get the best results when switching from 'traditional' deodorant/ antiperspirant. After doing the detox a few times, the Crystal is working well in spring weather in the Northeast... Summer will be the test!

- Catherine


I cannot believe how well this works. I am still getting used to not using an antiperspirant, but I literally have not had b/o once since using this. I used to wear mens Axe because it was the only thing strong enough for me. I will be buying this again.

- sadie

great product

works and smells great!

- gina

Pretty good

It's a hard adjustment to get used to not using antiperspirants... so yes you do still sweat with this deodorant. It does keep you smelling fresh for a while despite the sweat, though. The only thing that bothered me was how long it takes to dry. If I put it on when I'm in a hurry in the morning, it's really annoying having to fan my armpits to make it dry faster so that I can throw a shirt on lol. But when you use it properly and you aren't in a big hurry it's pretty legit. I'd still buy it again.

- Shandy

It Works

It works well, smells good, and you can't beat the price!

- Heather


This stuff works!

- Summer

Best Deodorant

I'm so glad I decided to try this deodorant, it's the best. No stinging even right after shaving. No odor. Fantastic!

- Susan

I'd recommend

This is my first natural deodorant, and coming from a long history of antiperspirants, it took some getting used to. I took the advice from other reviews and hold my arms up until it dries (great time for makeup or hair). You sweat with this deodorant, but it does a pretty darn good job at keeping you smelling fresh - even after a decent workout! The best part is the complete lack of white residue! I do find that I need to reapply it if I'm having a really long or sweaty day, but I plan to keep ordering this product.

- Michelle

it does work!

I really like this deodorant... it has a light smell, and it does work. The first few days I wore it I kept freaking out that I smelled bad, but after a while I got used to it. You don't stay 100% dry, but you also don't smell like sweat. I re-apply after working out or if I'm feeling a bit damp, but I really do think it works effectively.

- Rachel


So far I love the deodorant, I was using clinical strength deodorant and felt like it didn't take care of my body odor. No body odor with this so far!

- Lynn

Tested in the Amazon Rainforest

My goal this year is to remove toxic products from my daily hygiene routine. I took this deodorant on vacation and put it to the ultimate test. I am definitely sold on this product's performance in the most brutal heat and humidity and will continue using it here at home!

- Gina

Better than I expected

Tried the wipes and it worked better than I expected, so I bought the roll on and so far so good.

- NCh

Less BO smell

This is a great deodorant if you can't stand those other "sticky" feeling products. I rate a 4 because it states 24 hr protection when I actually start smelling a faint BO smell after 5 hours of use.

- Jenna H

Smells amazing

The scent doesn't last throughout the day but I love it. It prevents odor, for myself and my sweaty boyfriend!

- Shaniqua

Smells amazing

The scent doesn't last throughout the day but I love it. It prevents odor, for myself and my sweaty boyfriend!

- Shaniqua

Simply the BEST!

I've fallen in love! This actually works. After trying so many natural deodorants and having them epically fail I was completely skeptical on this purchase. I was wrong & I couldn't be happier about that!!

- Jackie

Lavender & White Tea Crystal Deodorant Roll-On

I really liked this product - I took it with me on our vacation to Mexico, so when I tried it, it was in a very warm environment and I think it worked really well. I would definitely buy this product again!

- Valerie Neeb


I've tried SO many natural deodorants since having my son, my hormones have been so out of whack that literally nothing would work! Every other one I have tried, I would have to reapply constantly throughout the day and it still didn't truly work. BUT this stuff is amazing!!! I don't need to reapply and it works seriously like 24 hours. It's amazing. Please, don't ever stop selling this, it's magic.

- Amber

Oh, one more thing

Oh, and it smells great! I'm also usually cautious around lavender scented things because I don't like lavender, but this is light on lavender and blends with the white tea perfectly! It's perfect in SOOO many ways!

- Kya

Finally! Organic, Aluminum-Free Deodorant that Works and Lasts!

Okay, as a teen girl I've been through SOOOOOOOO many organic deodorants, trying to find the perfect one. I've been frustrated, angry to tears, and suffered embarrassment from my deodorant not smelling good or completely stopping working the instant I sweat even the tiniest bit. If this sounds like you, fear not! This ACTUALLY works! The trick is, you have to roll it on clean skin (if you don't shower right away in the morning, just use a washcloth with soap to clean your pits really quickly) and then LET IT DRY COMPLETELY. I usually do this in the morning in a tank top. I then place my hands above my head or on my hips until it air dries completely. (hehe, you can also multi-task by brushing your teeth at the same time). It works great for me and I rarely have to put it on again during the day, although it's become a habit for me to carry it in my purse because there we so many before it that didn't work and/or I lived in Florida.

Great for every day use. If you play sports, you may need to apply it again after an hour or two.

Overall, this is my favorite deoderant and I'm so happy to have it!

- Kya


love this product and will keep on purchasing as needed. love the fragrance and it stays with you all day!!. I wish it came in a body spray.

- Janet

Best Natural Deodorant

I have tried every natural deodorant out there...and this one actually does what it says it will do. Nothing should keep you from sweating, that's not healthy. But it does keep you from being stinky and that's all that really matters imho! I wish Thrive carried the chamomile & green tree scent...but until they do, I will buy the lavender & white tea.

- Stephanie

Great on Sweat!

I was skeptical about trying an all-natural deodorant. My job as a vet tech keeps me super busy and that means stinky sweat. A friend recommended Crystal Lavender & white tea crystal deodorant roll-on. I didn't want to smell like a flower bed, but I also didn't want to keep smelling like a BO factory. My friend gave me an extra bottle she purchased on Thrive Market. I'm convinced this Crystal deodorant is the best for BO!

- L. J. Ortiz

Purely Natural

Crystal lavender & white tea crystal deodorant roll-on has no parabens, aluminum chlorohydrin, no aluminum zirconium, just nothing aluminum, and nothing to create a toxic atmosphere in your body. I switched to all natural foods and products a couple years back and Crystal deodorant is one of my favorites for my new healthy body.

- A.D.A. Whisenant


I looked for a long time to find a nice scented, long lasting deodorant that didn't contain harmful ingredients. This scent smells great ! No harmful aluminium! I have found that the longer I use it I don't need to reapply as I did when I first began using it. I highly recommend this product. My favorite scent is the pomegranate one which I wish Thrive carried.

- Keli

Natural & Not Stinky!

Finally a natural deodorant that works! I care about the earth and my body, so natural products are important to me, but not stinking is important to me too! Thank goodness for this stuff because I was almost ready to go back to the unnatural deodorant.

- Vicki

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