Creamy Razor Clam and Bacon Chowder

10 oz pouch

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10 oz pouch

Why You’ll Love It

The enduring appeal of surf and turf goes beyond just steak and lobster. Here, it shows up as a hearty chowder that combines succulent West Coast razor clams, hand harvested by the Quinault Indian Nation on the beaches of Washington state, paired with scrumptious bacon nibbles, fresh cream, and fragrant thyme. West Coast versus East Coast debates rage when it comes to seafood chowder, but Fishpeople's chowder is best described as West Coast-style, with a lighter consistency and brighter flavor than the traditional East Coast versions. Made from only the best ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Single-serving (BPA-free) pouch.
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About This Brand

What makes us "fish people"? For starters, we obviously love seafood. That’s why we only harvest ten sustainable species, helping to ensure those fish will be around for generations to come. We also know the names of the people who catch that seafood. To us, there’s nothing more important than supporting coastal communities. They are the foundation of our business, and we understand our success is directly connected to a healthy community working together. That includes local fisherman and family-owned farms, as well as small businesses and loyal, long-standing customers. So we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. That’s what makes us Fishpeople: loving fish and having legs.We’ll brave the icy North Pacific, you brave the warmth of your kitchen. Now all you have to do for premium seafood is heat up one of our pouches for a few minutes and grab a fork (or a spoon – you make the call). With Fishpeople soups and bisques, there’s no prep, no cleanup, and no reason to break the bank...
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Water, cream, onions, potatoes, sea clams & sea clam juice, razor clams, carrots, celery, neufchatel cheese (pasteurized milk and cream, skim milk, cheese culture, salt, stabilizers [carob bean and/or xanthan and/or guar gums]), bacon (pork, water, sea salt, turbinado sugar, celery powder), contains 2% or less of corn starch, lemon peel, citric acid, thyme, extra virgin olive oil, anchovy sauce, salt, sea clam broth concentrate, lemon juice, yeast extract, maltodextrin, black pepper, organic smoked paprika, organic bay leaf, cayenne chili pepper. contains: fish (anchovy) and milk.

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Serving Size 1 Pouch (283g) Servings Per Container 1

Amount Per Serving

Calories 340 Calories from Fat 210

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 23g 35%
Saturated Fat 12g 60%
Trans Fat .5g
Cholesterol 80mg 27%
Sodium 580mg 24%
Total Carbohydrate 21g 7%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 4g
Protein 12g

Reviews For Creamy Razor Clam and Bacon Chowder

Based on 31 Reviews

Yummy cold weather soup...

My husband and I love this. It makes a nice addition to lunch or dinner!

- Marnold56


I've thoroughly enjoyed both varieties of this "Fish People" soup I've tried so far. Quick, tasty, and (at least somewhat) nutritious... I am pleased to have purchased a variety of flavors for my desk drawer at work (to tide me over on the late nights when I am stuck at the office and don't have time to get a decent meal). I look forward to trying the other flavors!

- Ruth

Wonderful seasonings!

This is the best clam chowder on the market. Well seasoned with herbs and plenty of clams. And it will sit on your shelf until you're ready to heat it up in the microwave!

- Deb

pretty good

it tastes pretty good. i added salt and it was better. love the convenience though.

- Mari-e

Gourmet lunch in a packet

These soups are a great gourmet flavored whole lunch for when I've forgotten to prepare something and am runnin' out the door. Grab a pouch, my bowl, a spoon...and I'm off with a grand lunch a-waitin' in me swingin' ditty bag!! Ditty Soupy Yum Some !!

- Mitchell

Love this chowder

Everyone in my family loves this chowder. It has safe, quality ingredients and it is the perfect quick dinner (without the guilt) when in a hurry. Just add a salad and maybe some crusty bread. Delicious!

- Cheryl

Husband loves it!

My husband loves clam chowder and since I do not, this is a great way to serve him some without having to make it! The ingredients are good and I love the convenience too.

- Rebecca

Perfect snack

These are great if you want to eat clean but you don't have the time or the kitchen to cook. Perfect for work or dorm rooms. One minute in the microwave and you're done. What could be easier?

- Robtastic

Happy I tried it!

This soup has a bit of a kick to it that I wasn’t expecting! I microwaved it for lunch at work & think with a little love on the stove & a small pinch of salt it would’ve been even better. I wish I could’ve gotten the potatoes & clams a bit softer but overall I liked the soup especially for coming straight out of the pouch. It was so full of flavor & was void of that dreaded metallic can taste. I’ll be repurchasing to try it out on the stove with a tiny bit of water to thin it out & a little salt or some saltines.

- Brianna

Convenient excellence

Excellent clam chowder. Ready in one minute in the microwave.

- George

Not Your Northwest Momma's Chowder

Sadly, I don't care for this soup. I've made so much chowder over the years and this isn't anywhere near it.

- Shirley Day


I liked this soup a lot more than I thought I would - I'm always a little leery of seafood in a can. The taste is fantastic and it's not salt-heavy. The seasonings used are rosemary, giving it a herbal flavor (instead of just salt, especially from the bacon).

- Melody

Convenient, but really weird taste

I did not like the flavor of this. It almost tasted spoiled. You could close your eyes and each bite tasted the same, like bad seafood. The other flavors of this brand taste great though - especially the Salmon Chowder - that one is my fav. I would never try the razor clam bacon chowder again.

- Samson

Easy as licking a spoon

Best Razor Clam dish I ever ate. No grit, broken shell pieces - just great flavor conveniently packaged

- Loretta


Surprising flavor in this small package. bacon flavor comes through, fish is not tough or chewy. Would buy more.

- Nicky

Satisfying soup

Enjoyed this clam chowder.. We are fans of clams.
Good job, Fish People brand.

- Marian

It really is scrumptious, healthy too!

I love the chowders made by the "Fish People" company. The ingredients are healthy and natural, the chowder is flavorful with chunks of seafood. I re-order this regularly!

- Nancy

first time for everything!

Well, I have been with Thrive for almost a year, and this is the first time I have had something new from them that I really disliked. I bought this b/c of the great reviews, and we typically love chowders of all kinds. We couldn't even take a bite of this. Definitely will not repurchase.

- Malia

So good!

This was especially tasty. The pouch makes it especially easy to take for lunch at work and it's exactly the right size for a single lunch portion. I'll order this again.

- Lisa

best clam chowder ever


- kimberlee

Their best!

Lots of Razor Clam meat and good Bacon flavors.

I recently ordered 13.

- Alfred L Moniot


Received Fishpeople products as a free gift in one of my orders, and liked two of them so much that Im decided to try the Clam and Bacon Chowder. The family really enjoys this. We all love the flavor and I especially love the convenience of preparation. And once again, you just cannot beat Thrive Market's pricing. Have placed an order for 6 more packets.

- Cheryl


This is absolutely wonderful!

- Rebecca


Who knew soup in a pouch could be so yummy? I could totally see pouring this over rice or noodles too.

- Adriana

Razor Clam Chowder

I cannot say enough good things about this chowder! Just to enjoy the taste makes my whole day! I know that one reviewer said that one package was not enough but it can be is served with other items for a meal but I digress in that, if I had it alone then one package would not be enough. The BEST packaged chowder I've ever had!

- Edward

my favorite

this is one of my favorite chowders ever

- stacy

Love it

Repeat purchase. Good ratio of clams to potato. Not too salty.

- Alberto


We LOVE these soups!

- LB

Great for travel and work

Good flavor although I will always want MORE bacon. Brought this on a camping trip and it was such a nice change of pace. Put it in a pot of water int he camp fire and were treated to warm, flavorful soup.

- Emily


This is really tasty chowder. It has a good balance of meat in it and a good flavor. I like to keep it in the pantry for a quick light lunch option. It is on the small side portion wise though, and wouldn't serve as a stand alone dinner for one.

- Jillian

Beautiful packaging and quality ingredients

I wasn't disappointed with the size of clams or the amount of chunky goodness in this soup. It has a peppery warmth to it that is very pleasant.
Only complaint is pouch size. A typical can of soup will be a few ounces more. Wish they and a larger size.

- Lee

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