Women's Maximum Protection Deodorant Blossom Scent

2.8 oz stick

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2.8 oz stick

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Maximum protection for her free provides long-lasting protection without parabens, propylene, glycol, aluminum, alcohol or triclosan.
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About This Brand

A healthy, natural grooming regime in recyclable packaging.At Herban Cowboy we believe your skin deserves as much care and attention as any other organ. Vegan ingredients and recyclable packaging are the basis of our commitment to human and environmental health.After years of work and countless hours of fighting with many of our suppliers who said it couldn’t be done, we created a healthy, natural grooming regime that looks, feels and performs like “conventional products” and offered recyclable packaging-both revolutionary to the personal care market. Some may wonder why we do all of this. Our answer: we realize everyday millions of tons of personal care products are used globally which could be made much healthier for humans and the environment. We wanted to create personal care products that are both healthy and have minimal environmental impact. We believe small changes in our everyday routine, like switching a can of aerosol shave cream to a recyclable tube of natural shave...
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Propanediol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, aqua, glycerin, sodium stearate, ethylhexylglycerin, oryza sativa (rice) starch, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, carum petroselinum (parsley) extract, salvia officinalis (sage), leaf extract. allantoin, bisabolol, zinc ricinoleate, mineral salts (potassium alum), hydroxyethylcellulose, fragrance.

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Reviews For Women's Maximum Protection Deodorant Blossom Scent

Based on 45 Reviews


I have been searching for a natural deodorant for years that not only worked but that did not cause my underarms to break out. I have got a drawer full of them. I thought I was going to have to give up and go back to one with aluminum. But I finally found it here. It smells great, keeps me smelling fresh all day, keeps me dry and best of all, no break outs! Love, love, love this product!

- Pha

If there was a perfect deodorant...

This is THE BEST natural deodorant I have ever tried! The scent is light and fresh, and it keeps me smelling fresh all day! This will definitely be a regular purchase!

- Stacy Y.

My favorite

This is my favorite deodorant. I love the smell and I don't smell if I sweat.

- Melanie


I'm not a sweater or a stinker but this stuff does not work for more than an hour.

- LJ

Great deodorant

I absolutely love this deodorant! It has been my favorite for the past year!

- Arein

It works!

Once I decided not to use deodorants containing aluminum, I tried several natural ones. None of them worked, so I went with nothing, using freshening wipes when needed. I got this Herban Cowboy deodorant as a freebie with a Thrive order and thought I might as well try it. I was pleased to find that it really works well! It keeps odor at bay all day, for me. The scent is nice and mild, too.

- Maureen


I've finally found a deodorant that doesn't contain all the bad stuff....but works! And smells wonderful. Thanks Herban Cowboy. I love it!

- Angie

Great Product

I love this product! There is no unpleasant chemical smell. The product works great and doesn't break out my skin.

- Kristy Smith

smells great for a few hours

Smells nice but after a few hours it's like I never put any deodorant on. If I'm sitting at my desk in mild temps it's fine, but if it's my day off and I'm doing light errand, I must bring out the big guns...I wish it would do it for me ;(

- tonya

Good Smell, Average Application

This deodorant smells terrific. It is feminine smelling, but not too strong. I also like the way it feels when I put it on. It is clear; it has never left streaks on my clothes. Since I have started using it, I feel like the skin on my underarms is much smoother than when I was using non-natural deoderants. In terms of application; during the winter, I can use this product in the morning and be fine throughout the day. As the temperature warms up, however, I have to take the deodorant with me and reapply it once or twice (depending on how hot it is) throughout the day or else I will start to smell like I didn't use any in the first place. Once I reapply, all is well. It does not smell like I am "covering up," I smell fresh and clean. I have used this deodorant for a year and a half now and have no intention of switching!

- Hillary


It smells great & goes on smoothly & invisibly.

- Jeanette A.

Nice deodorant

I received this ass a free gift. Works well and smells good.

- Kathleen

Love. Love. Love.

I've tried plenty of natural deodorants and most either don't work for me or irritate my skin. I'm 2 weeks in with this deodorant and can't say enough good things about it.

- Catherine

Smells nice

I'd hoped to love this, I didn't. Goes on smoothly, but feels very sticky all day! While I did expect some stickiness, I didn't like this. Odor protection was minimal, I didn't smell so good after about 4 hrs.

- Kimberly

It works!

This product actually works. I've tried other natural deodorants from Whole Foods that don't do anything about odor. This one does the job. I will buy this again.

- Stephanie

Blossom scent

I don't usually wear antiperspirant or deodorant so I was very surprised when I started to smell really bad after wearing this for a couple of hours. I couldn't wait to get home and shower. Not only does it not work, it causes more perspiration!

- Winnie

Best natural ever

This is not goopy like most natural deodorants. My favorite!

- Cyndi

Not for me!

This was a free promotion item and I have to say I'm glad I didn't pay for it. I am not a fan of fragrances (many of which are toxic by the way) - and this in particular, is overpowering. Perhaps it's and effective deodorant but I can't imagine trying it to verify that.

- Karen

Wait it's natural *and* works??

I love this deodorant. Goes on super smooth and no rashes or irritation. I'd been wanting to get away from conventional anti-perspirants for a long time and happened to get this as a freebie with my order. Mind blown and will be reordering for sure.

- Molly

Swell Smell :)

I am not fond of the floral smell, but it is better than my "smell". Went for a walk, worked up a sweat and I was not offensive :) This deodorant works great. I still miss an antiperspirant , but I do not miss the toxins. So I will adjuster.

- Carol Joy

didn't love it

I like to use deodorants without aluminum, but this left me smelly by the end of the day. I'll stick to my salt stick.

- Alice

Not impressed

I gave this a chance on two different days. In both occasions, this lasted about an hour WITHOUT any exercise. It completely wore off and I had bad odor. I tried it again and applied extra, but still didn't help! It smells great when you apply but this does not do the trick.

- Karla

Not effective

The scent is light and pleasant, but this doesn't cut it as deodorant. Even applying twice a day isn't sufficient. I was really hoping this would work--ready for something more feminine than my usual homemade stuff--but straight up coconut oil, baking soda, and cornstarch is still the way to go.

- KrisP

Ok. Like the fragrance.

It works ok, if I reapply or use with another deodorant. I have a hard time finding anything to work well.

- Lisa


This stuff is amazing. I've tried a bunch of natural deodorants and they were all terrible. This one smells amazing and it works. It takes a little getting used to at first but after you're used to it it's fabulous. Definitely recommend.

- Francesca

I really like this!

Nice fragrance! Smooth application. Some have said this didn't work for them, but I think it depends on how much you apply. I stayed fairly dry unless I was out for a run (as you might expect) and didn't have to reapply at any time during the day during normal daily routines for odor control. This is an organic non-aluminum DEODORANT, not an anti-antiperspirant, so you'll find you'll need to apply a bit more first thing out of the shower than you would with aluminum based deodorants. And the bonuses for me is that this is made in the USA and the entire container is marked for recycling! Wil most definitely be purchasing this again!

- Barbara

Love this stuff!

I have spent a lot of time (and wasted money) searching for a deodorant that actually worked for me and this one comes as close as I think I will ever get. It smells great and lasts until early afternoon when I need to reapply but I have never had a natural deodorant lasted that long so I am very happy with this find!

- Grace


Smells good but does not last all day and I do not perspire heavily. Will need to reapply a few times through out the day.

- sue

Still figuring it out

This is my 4th try with a natural deodorant, and I like this one better than some of the others I've tried. It is a little sticky when you get sweaty, and hides any odor until mid afternoon. After that point I get a little musky, but it's not too bad. Going to finish up this batch and see how it goes. I think my body is still getting rid of the chemicals from the other deodorant too.

- Megan

Smells Great!

I thought that this would not work, since most natural deodorants don't, but it was just fine! I like the smell.....its a little strong at first, but through out the day it seems to settle down. I recommend!

- Diana

new favorite!

I've used lots of natural deodorants over the past few years and always find myself sadly returning to the aluminum deodorants. Either the product doesn't keep me feeling fresh all day, or i'm not a fan of the scent, or it just gets too creamed up, but this is absolutely perfect. The scent is light and rosy and it glides on smooth. I don't need to reapply multiple times a day and the price is low. I love this deodorant and even the packaging is pleasing. I'll definitely be sticking with this one!

- Shonda

Natural Deodorant

You have to get used to natural deodorant. It is very wet and leaves your underarms feeling wet. I still felt like I smelled- especially during workouts. there is also something in the deodorant that I'm allergic to as it caused a rash. I will try another brand but this one didn't work for me

- Cindy

It doesn't have aluminum for a reason!

Remember, you're buying aluminum free, so beware that it will take a few applications before your body gets use to it. The first day you will sweat like a horse, and may have a slight odor. It does get better, so push through for at least a week, and you'll love it!

- Casey

Love it!

Best deoderant ever, i love it, smells great and works! I also found that if used on my bikini line after I shave, I don't get any razor burn. TMI, sorry.

- Jamah

some skin issues

I don't know if it's because it doesn't have any chemicals or preservatives, but this natural deodorant caused some skin problems in my underarm. It did a good job of keeping me dry, but I noticed that after I showered I had some skin rashes on my underarm. It kept me from wanting to use the deodorant anymore, so I can't really recommend it because of that reason, even though it works well and has a cool scent.

- James Hersey

No aluminum cholorhydrate

I wanted to switch over to a natural deodorant, just because I wanted to get rid of using aluminum chlorohydrate and alcohol. This Herban Cowboy is a great deodorant, natural, without any chemicals or perfumes, and even vegan friendly. It works really well on perspiration, smells great but not overpowering and just does a great job of keeping me dry.

- Carolyn Luong

smells great all day!

It's not an antiperspirant, so if you keep that in mind, it works great! On a normal day, I don't need to reapply at all. Love the scent!

- Danielle

Best Natural Deodorant!

I have been looking for a good non-toxic natural deodorant for a while. I have tried many brands, but they never really stand up to the actual "It's hot, and I am sweating" test. This deodorant has a lovely subtle smell to it, is effective, and doesn't have any of the bad stuff OTC deodorants have.

- S.J.A.

It is natural, smells great and doesnt irritate my sensitive skin.

This deodorant works really great. It is natural, smells great and doesnt irritate my sensitive skin. I got this product at Thrive at such a lower price.

- Lucia Moran

A healthier alternative

I like to use this deodorant because it is a healthy option. I didn't like the scent all that much, but then I am not a fan of floral scents. I do like that it seems to last longer than other deodorants of it's kind. I did have to reapply after work each day, but it's better than risking breast cancer and all the other scary things that come with the ingredients of regular deodorant.

- Nadia Winder

My favorite deodorant

I love the scent of this deodorant and it last through my workday. I actually get comments on my perfume because of the beautiful scent (I don't wear perfume).

This deodorant is also nice because it doesn't leave any residue on my clothes and it doesn't stain like some I have used.

- Rosalee

Holds Up Surprisingly Well

I love this stuff. It has a nice floral scent and it applies really smoothly onto my skin. The ingredient list makes me happy, and I love that it's such a clean and healthy ingredient list. The only downside is that it does seem to require a mid-day application around 2PM-ish in order to last from 7AM to 10PM (My usual day of doing things). However, other natural deodorants I've used have required multiple applications in this timeframe, so it does a whole lot better than many of them that I've used. Love this stuff.

- Amani

Worked about the same

I've bought some other natural deodorants, and they're fine. This was about the same. It smells ok, but it only kept me dry for a few hours, then wore off.

I don't like having to apply deodorant more than once, and I had to do that a few time with this one. I do like that it's natural, without a lot of chemicals.

- Jacklyn Lemas

All day protection

I really like this deodorant. A lot of the other deodorants I used before either smelled great but didn't keep me from sweating, or had no scent, but did keep me dry.

This one does both, maybe because Herban Cowboy is used to making deodorant for men who sweat more than we do. The blossom scent is subtle but stays with you, and I was dry all day.

- Jessica

Wow, so strong

Herban Cowboy makes products for men, but they do put out this deodorant. I tried it out because I sweat a lot, and I thought maybe a men's deodorant would help.

This is all natural, no alcohol, so I liked that as well. It has a great smell, and it keeps me dry for hours. The scent lingers and it's so strong I don't even wear perfume when I use it.

- Jody Lopez

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