Rosewater w/ Atomizer

8 oz bottle

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8 oz bottle

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Experience the delicate floral scent of real roses any time of the year! Rosewater is truly versatile with numerous benefits from culinary gourmet flavoring to uplifting cosmetic mist. Use as a perfume, body splash or add to your hair rinse or bath water. You can also combine with therapeutic oils to make your own complexion formula.
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For over 41 years the Heritage has offered quality products for your health, beauty and wellness at affordable prices. Our unique holistic approach to wellness provides natural solutions to your health, skin and hair care needs. Many of our Heritage labeled products are gluten free.
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Vor-mag Water (water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration that we believe to be more beneficial). and Rosa Damascena (Hydroessential Rose) Flower Oil.

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Reviews For Rosewater w/ Atomizer

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Rosewater w/Atomizer

Too soon to tell about benefits, which is why I bought it. It smells great. Its delivery is in a very fine mist. I like it.

- Lynne

Great product

I've been looking for just this and was glad to find Thrive Market offered it. I like to spray my face with it and will be using it with other homemade facial concoctions I've been wanting to try.

- Shannon Crossin

Love, love, love this rosewater!

I… Absolutely… Love this rosewater! I've always appreciated it in tease or foods/desserts. But I was always curious to know if you could do more with it. When I discovered that it was OK to bathe in it, use it as a missed or on your face, I definitely wanted to try it. I love putting it on after applying moisturizer or just straight after washing my face. I love that rosewater is a natural toner and I would love to try it as a make up setting spray. It's also cool that The description on Thrive Market says to feel free to add your own stuff to it. Just for that, I will be ordering a couple bottles of the stuff. :-)
Note: for those of you that say that the sent doesn't last long, you could always add a little bit of rose essential oil to make it last a little longer. Or you can just apply a little bit of essential oil on your wrists or wherever you normally apply perfume. Believe me, rose essential oil lasts all day; even when you don't smell it, other people do. You will get complemented. :-)

- Diana Michel-Wasser

We love our Rose water

Love the smell and the refreshing feeling from it. I even have my daughter using it.

- Linda

Must have

If you love the scent of rose this is the product for you. It is an all in one must-have product from refreshing your face, to wearing as a scent or just spray in your home. I am purchasing more as gifts! <3

- Melissa

No complaints

Calming, soothing, and refreshing. Balances the skin well and it smells great. I spray it on my face after washing and in my hair and scalp as well. It definitely helped me with my dry scalp/dandruff.

- Chaasadyah Charles

Love it!

This spritz smells great and is a nice light refresher I use a couple times a day. I just spray my face and hair and feel fresh and lightly scented.

- Alexa


I'm not a big fan of the scent of roses. I got this to set my makeup or to refresh my face when I'm feeling hot. Nice and refreshing after working in the yard or during a hot flash. Soft rose scent dissipates quickly. Cooling and relaxing. I sometimes use it after cleansing my face in place of a toner. Hopefully, the nutrients in the rose oil helps the complexion. I spritz and let it dry before putting on lotion or makeup. It's perfect for me. If you want to spritz it on as a body splash, the scent won't last long.

- Cheryl

Smell it quick!

Smells really good, but the scent only lasts for a few minutes.

- Andrea

Light scent

As others have said, the scent doesn't last very long at all but it is still a wonderful scent. It would be nice if it were a tad stronger but I do love using it daily.

- Teresa

Lovely scent

Lovely scent but doesn't last long. Use as a pick me up spritz during the day and as a toner in the morning.
Great price and size.
Will buy again.

- Shelly

Great for Sensitive Skin

This is the only toner I've been able to use for years. If your dry and sensitive this is great and refreshing. Much cheaper on here than Whole Foods.

- Kathryn

My morning moment...

I love the final splash of rose petals sprayed gently on my finished makeup! Some days, my only makeup is this rosewater mist and everyday is the scented reminder of my mother who also used rosewater. Finally, I saw the sentence on the label, "Recommended in the Edgar Cayce Readings" blew me away!

- Joy Patterson Thrive

Nice Scent

Scent is nice but doesn't last for very long. Can be reapplied on warmer days for use as a refresher.

- Rebecca

Short lived scent

Rather disappointing. Smells nice for about five minutes, then gone.

- Tabatha


I spray this on my face after washing it. It smells good and refreshes my face after long hot days.

- Madelyn

love this product

This is one of my favorite things to use on the daily. A freshener, a toner and just overall smell good ! love this- addicted!

- Hannah


I like this product a lot - it's very refreshing and cooling to my skin that can feel hot and kind of uncomfortable sometimes. I also feel that it has softened my skin. I usually just spray it right on my face and sometimes my hair. Smells wonderfull!!

- Leslie


I am hooked on this delicate smelling spritz. It is not strong enough to be a body perfume for me, so I use it as a refreshing face spritzer. Every morning and right before bed (sometimes in the middle of a long work day), I spray directly onto my face. It is cool and the aroma is relaxing. A little goes a long way as a face spritzer.

- Destiny

LOVE the smell

This is great for a mild toner. Most days I wear makeup and really want to feel like I didn’t miss anything after washing my face so I’ve mixed this with some Thayer’s rose toner that I also bought on Thrive. I love them together and this toner really brings some extra rose scent that makes me feel luxurious. I definitely recommend buying this off of Thrive they have the best price and shipped the product very securely.

- Brianna

Love this Rosewater

I used to buy small bottles of this at my local hindu market. Love this large size atomizer! Smells so pretty, refreshes your skin. Lovely!

- Wendy

fragrance doesn't last

smells great for a second as you are spraying it

- Shannon

Great smell

It smells great enough to be a body mist and also relaxes my skin.

- Jessi

rose water love

Love this spray, use it on myself, my face, in the bath- love it!!

- Hannah

best rose water

love this stuff. has fine mist spray.

- Alexandra

Absolutely love!

Very large bottle, at a great price! I have split it into smaller mister bottles of which I take to work, put in my yoga bag, and travel with. Soothing and relaxing scent - co-workers ask to pass it around when I spritz it on my face in the afternoon, because they love it too! Absolutely will re-purchase!

- Sarah


I spray this rosewater on my face after I apply my make up and it acts like a setting spray, my skin glows and looks flawless.

- Tamara

Smells Nice

I love the smell, just like a bouquet of roses.

However the smell does not last. It's like you spray , smell and it's gone. I'm considering purchasing rose oil.
Price was nice so I think it was a good deal.

- Zoraida

Admission Coordinator

I absolutely love this products and would recommend it to others and I would also buy it again!!!

- Jeanne Williams


Smells and feels wonderful! A new staple in my beauty regime

- grace

Great stuff

I normally make my own, bit thought I would give this a try. Was very pleased!

- Angela

the BEST

I have tried several brands of rosewater, and this is my favorite. I am thrilled to find it again!

- Mimi

The best

I use this at least twice a day and have done so for years. It's refreshing, hydrating and provides a sense of relaxation.

- Sarah


Love the nice light scent of roses. Bought this to use as body spray to replace my products that contain questionable ingredients. So far I am really liking it, although you do need to re-apply it through-out the day to keep the scent fresh and noticeable.

- Elizabeth

Love this rosewater spray!

I was looking for a nice rosewater spray and this is perfect. Fresh And natural, not too concentrated.

- Dana

Everything's Coming Up Roses!

I enjoy and recommend this product. It has a light and true to rose scent.

- Amber

Weak scent

I bought this rosewater to soothe my sunburn, but I also wanted something that would have a strong scent. Well, it works well for the sunburn, but I don't like the scent, not enough rose, and not enough fragrance, but it's functional and Thrive's price is the best on the 'net.

- Jack Grover

Bought for my wife

My wife was always complaining that her skin was dry, so I saw this on Thrive and decided to give it a try. She loves it, and we actually bought two more bottles, so she's never out. I like how it smells, the rose scent isn't overpowering, and a lot of times, my wife doesn't even wear perfume after she spritzes this on.

- Calvin M. Hubbard

So many uses, so little time.

I'm in love. I use it as a toner, as fragrance and just mist my kinky curly hair with it. I love the smell, its so yummy. I love that the scent is light enough not irritate and it doesn't contain alcohol like other fragrances or toners, so my sensitive skin is good to go.

- Jasmine

Love it Strong Rose Petal Fragrance Soft

Very lovely natural rose petal smell, it's very calming and relaxing to someone with no allergies.

- Maggie


I bought this to use as a detangler for my hair. It works really well for that, but it also lifts my mood the minute I spray it. <3

- Kathirynne

Moisturizes Skin

My facial skin is super dry, and no matter what I've done, it seems to get worse. It ends up being flakey in the winter, and I hate it. I decided to try this, and it's been amazing. The mist smells just perfect, and it has been doing a great job of keeping my skin from drying out. In fact, I find that I can spray it onto my face throughout the day, and it's been moisturizing my skin really well. I haven't seen any dry skin patches this winter yet at all.

- Jessy D.

Smell doesn't last

I like rosewater to refresh my house, but this one isn't strong enough for my tastes.

It's really nice after you spray it, but then I noticed it kind of dissipates after about half an hour, and it's gone. Maybe it's because it's all natural and has no perfumes added to it, but still, wish it would linger more than it does.

- Nell

Smells like spring all year long

I've always loved the smell of rosewater ever since my mom used it when I was a kid.

I use rosewater to freshen up my bathroom and kitchen, but it's also great to spray on after a shower to moisturize my skin, and I mix it in with coconut oil, essential oils and shea butter to make my own lotion

- Natalie Rowe

I love the smell of rosewater.

I love the smell of rosewater. Its so fresh and refreshing. I use it everyday on my damp hair after taking a bath. My hair smells awesome the whole day. I also combine it with other aromatic oils or just water for my vaporizer in the room to give it that fresh smell of roses. The packaging is a definite plus because you can carry it anywhere, anytime!

- Kristin Stevens

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