Sea Salt CracklinsSea Salt Cracklins8657910004064505's Sea Salt Cracklins are fried in lard and seasoned to perfection with nothing but Sea Salt. These cracklins are Paleo Certified and AIP-friendly. The cracklins are a heartier, crunchier, more flavor-forward pork rind that appeals to pork enthusiasts everywhere.3 oz bag
Great snack - by Great flavor
Too hard - by These are too hard to chew. They aren’t soft and fluffy
Rancid - by I received two bags today popped one open and get a funky smell taist was ok but smell was overpowering so I checked the date and this two bags expire in less then 15 days so not the manufacturer fault I'm sure but I'm really disappointed I don't order but once a month I really don't thin k with a minimum amount for free delivery and a fee to be a member I really expect better service I'm paying a premium feel very uncomfortable with my first purchase the rest of my shipment is good till April but this product was going bad
Was not a big fan - by It didn’t taste the way I thought it was supposed to. Will not order this one again.
Yucky - by The fat was under done and mushy
4505 Meats
4505 Meats

Sea Salt Cracklins

3 oz bag
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