Bone Broth Simmered Rice, Spanish YellowBone Broth Simmered Rice, Spanish Yellow812446030141Serve up a side of Spanish rice that's ready in minutes. This dish is simmered in chicken bone broth and delivers 7g of protein per serving. Every bite is seasoned with onions, roasted garlic, and turmeric for robust flavor.8 oz pouch
Rice lover - by Absolutely love rice with lots of things and I love that this is in an easy pouch
Good added to other dishes as an ingredient. - by You can season to taste. Add it to dishes as ingredient to make it tastier.
Favorite - by Probably my favorite rice & ready in 1 minute! Great as a base to pour soups over or as a side to any dish.
Very good - by Not a lot in the package but this is very yummy I make it often to go with tacos and like that it’s made with broth
Great clean ingredients - by If you look at ingredients of most boxed Spanish rice mixes, there are a ton of bad ingredients. These are perfect and are ready quick which is another bonus vs the boxed brands
A Dozen Cousins
A Dozen Cousins

Bone Broth Simmered Rice, Spanish Yellow

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