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Bananas are often one of the first foods mom’s feed their baby because it’s easily digested and naturally sweet. These bananas (that's right, just banana and nothing else!) are certified organic and a great way to transition your little one to solids. Plus, it’s easy to carry in your diaper bag so you always have a snack on hand.

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Amara Baby Food

At Amara we are doing it differently. We know many don’t have time for homemade but deeply want the best for their little ones. We start with fruits and veggies and just take out the water. This way we can lock in the Taste, Texture and Nutrients. Our team is made up of a dynamic group that are all united under one cause: nutrition. REAL nutrition. We want to raise your babies to eat FOOD, just simple fruits and veggies with no extra additives, preservatives, vitamins or glam. What you see is what you get. We searched high and low for a n
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Organic Bananas.

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baby Approved

Posted   by Stephanie from New York, NY
I was given this baby food to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. My baby is still not a huge fan of eating in general, but she really enjoyed the Amara foods. There was only one flavor she was not a huge fan of, but banana and the other fruits have been a hit! I have been tasting everything she eats, and while some of the flavors have not been my favorite, she has generally been a fan. The ingredients and flavor are great. I love being able to throw the pouch in a bag and have it has a back up in case she gets hungry. I did find the consistency of the fruits to be a little gummy, but I maybe could have also added more water. The one negative for eating on the go is needing another bowl to mix it in (vs just opening a jar or premade pouch). We tried to mix it in the pouch, but it was awkward and too hard to see, so now we just take a little tupperware with us for mixing.
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Banana packet

Posted   by Thrive from Ocoee, FL
I received this item as part of the weespring parent panel. The taste of the banana was good. However, a fresh banana can be easily mashed so I am neutral in this flavor. I did like that it always made a banana readily available since when they are fresh the go bad quickly. The texture wasn't as runny as a fresh banana puree which made it easier to feed my baby.
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practical for on-the-go

Posted   by Thrive from New York, NY
With thanks to the Wee Spring Parent Panel, I was given this as a sample for my 10 month old son to try. I like the lightweight, small, and convenient packets they come in, as they travel well. The portion size seems just right, but my son doesn't always eat everything in one sitting, and the packaging indicates that this is to be used in one sitting or tossed if not finished. I hadn't thought about only making a portion of it because I wouldn't have known how much water to mix in. I guess it's user's choice anyway (there is a range) so I could have done that but didn't in the moment, so it felt wasteful to make the entire package and toss the remains immediately after use. I definitely like the ease of travel with this product. I love that it's natural and organic and simple and healthy for my baby. My son loves bananas but they often ripen too quickly in our apartment, so this is a nice way to keep it "fresh" for him without any over-ripening.
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Loved the Banana!

Posted   by Thrive from Portage, MI
Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this baby food! I was so excited to try these, and even more excited that my 8 month old loved this and that they are so easy to use! She won't eat a regular mashed up banana (maybe the texture, I don't know...but she devoured this!). This is my 3rd baby, and with my older two I made most of my own baby food, but I just don't have the time for it now, so I was thrilled with this product that is natural and has so many good ingredients. My daughter likes things a little more purred, so I added more water than the recommended amount, which just took a few tries to figure out. These are so easy to store and take on the go as well! I would recommend to other parents!
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Super convenient!

Posted   by Thrive from Fresno, CA
The biggest advantage of this product is its convenience. Because it is dry, each pouch is lightweight, easy to pack in a diaper bag, and pre-portioned well. We are doing baby led weaning with our 9 month old, so we don't exclusively rely on baby food, but it has been nice to have these around on days when you're just not able to get it all together! My little one enjoyed the food, but frankly, isn't terribly picky (knock on wood!). If I have one critique of this particular flavor, it is only that bananas are a pretty easy food to use fresh, so it feels a little redundant to rely on this particular flavor over just giving your kid actual banana. We mostly use this one as an add-in to oatmeal, etc. I received this product as a part of weespring's parent panel.
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Just Okay

Posted   by Thrive from Houston, Tx
I️ wanted to like these pouches. The ingredients are simple and good for baby. Nothing extra added. The texture is a little gritty and they taste bland. The bland taste isn't a big deal for baby, but she really didn't seem to like the texture. I️ also felt that these were a lot of work. My 10 month old daughter likes to use pouches. You need to mix the food with water/formula/breast milk and then transfer it to a pouch if that's what you'd like to use. Having to mix it with a liquid doesn't make them very good for on the go. Overall I️ think they're just okay. I️ would like to thank the weeSpring parent panel for providing me with these Amara food pouches for free.
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Convenient, healthy and great tasting baby food!

Posted   by Thrive from Pennsylvania
Thanks, Amara! I was given this baby food to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. My 9-month-old loved the banana flavor, leaning in and saying Mmmmmmmmm for every bite! (He liked the other flavors too, especially Banana and Mango - except he definitely did not feel the same love for the Potato and Kale Mash!) I try to feed my son some sort of grain before fruit and sometimes I can tell he is won't eat a whole serving of fruit at that meal: I was pleased to find that I could just mix up half and the Amara pouches were easy to re-seal with my vacuum sealer. I loved these were all natural, organic fruits with no preservatives, sugar or salt, and that they are non-gmo. No processing to take nutrients out or add things in like other prepared food! I don't have as much time to make my own baby food so this is a great option. The pouches were easy to rip open. I liked that I could change the consistency easily by controlling how much and what type of liquid to add. My son liked the flavor no matter what liquid I added but preferred me making it thicker than thinner. It was a bit tricky for me to get the texture right at first - the finely ground powder became clumpy when adding liquid because I didn't stir enough and let sit enough. If your kiddo is impatient, you may want to mix before getting baby into the high chair. A few other things I found: the pouches are easy to store in the cupboard because they are thin. The food is great to take along - I don't have to worry about an accidental mess in my bag. Cons for me were the price (a bit expensive), getting the consistency right, and that the pouches don't seem to be recyclable.
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Our LO Went Bananas for Bananas

Posted   by Thrive from Cincinnati, Ohio
I was given this baby food to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel to try for my eight month old son. The food was moderately easy to prepare; the package contains dry powder which you then mix with either breast milk or formula. The texture was similar to other baby food that we have tried (maybe a little thicker/more gummy) and our LO seemed to really like the taste. He has previously had bananas from other brands so I think he enjoyed it more as it was a familiar taste. The fact that the pouches contain just powder allows us to easily pack these in the diaper bag when we are on the go without concern of food leaking out (pouches or jars) and they take up less space. I did appreciate the fact that it was organic and it was nice that I was feeding my LO a fruit and providing him with fluid ounces at the same time but it is on the pricier side of baby food.
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My 9 month old liked it!

Posted   by Thrive from Oakland, CA
Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this baby food! This was really handy to take with us on a recent trip. My 9 month old loves bananas but when you're on the go they can get squished up in your bag! This food was great to have on hand when we sat down somewhere. Just added water and voila! She didn't seem to distinguish between this food and mashed up fresh banana either.
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We went bananas over bananas

Posted   by Thrive from Austin, TX
The minute I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to make my own baby food and I swore I would not use any store-bought products, then reality set in. I knew if I was going to do packaged baby food I wanted nothing but the best, and Amara baby food passed the test. My 9 mo. b/g twins are selective when it comes to food and textures, but these Amara pouches were a hit. I love the convenience of taking a pouch with me on the go because you just add water and eat wherever you are. You can even adjust the amount of water you add to make the consistency to your little ones liking. I love that the ingredients are simple & organic and of course it must taste good, I always do a taste test of what my babies eat and these were pretty yummy. Thanks to weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this baby food.
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