Chickpeas Pasta, PenneChickpeas Pasta, Penne857183005007Pasta is wonderfully filling—at first. But, those empty calories won't keep you full for long, which means you'll be hungry shortly after eating it. Banza Penne Chickpea Pasta is different, though, made with chickpeas instead of traditional starches. This "secret superfood" offers four times the fiber, double the protein, and nearly half the carbohydrates of traditional pasta, which will keep you satisfied and feeling good after a hearty meal. This pasta contains 90 percent non-GMO, naturally gluten-free chickpeas, along with pea protein, tapioca flour, and xanthan gum (which stands in for eggs as a binding agent). Unlike some other gluten-free pastas that fall apart if cooked a little too long, Banza Penne Chickpea Pasta softens while still holding its form. It's perfect as a stand-in for any penne recipe, from a simple plate of marinara and meatballs to a colorful primavera packed with fresh vegetables.8 oz box
Best gluten free pasta - by My favorite gluten free pasta! Has a nice taste, not too heavy, and my go-to pasta. I prefer Banza over regular pasta
10/10 - by Great way to easily add protein to comfort meals
Like them - by Good product
A pantry staple - by What’s not to love? A healthier pasta that still tastes good!
Pasta - by Great for Alfredo!
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