Bean Chips, Himalayan Salt & VinegarBean Chips, Himalayan Salt & Vinegar852565003503HIMALAYAN PINK SALT is like the spiritual experience of snacks. The unique glistening pink salt from the far reaches of the globe will enlighten your taste buds and turn “Yums” into “Oms” (when eaten with meditation). So, when someone asks if you want to come over, you can tell them, “Namaste home and eat all these chips!”5.5 oz bag
Meh - by I'm a huge salt and vin fan, but these left everything to be desired. The bean flavor overpowered the S&V if you can believe it.
Something changed recently - by These were amazing the first time I purchased them but the past two times I tried them they were more like plain tortilla chips with none of the flavor. I loved them the first time but won’t be rebuying anymore.
unsure - by odd flavor but weirdly addictive after a few bites, I'd definitely eat these and enjoy them if someone bought them for me, but am not sure if I will seek them out and buy them again.
Chips - by These are my most favorite chips. I love the flavor and I like that they are a tiny bit healthier than other chips.
Formula change? - by I used to love these. They were definitely intense and had a lot of the salt and vinegar flavored powder so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone complained and that’s why they are so bland now. I’ve ordered them a few times hoping that I just got a bag from a bad batch but I think the formula is different now and it doesn’t even taste like salt and vinegar.
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Bean Chips, Himalayan Salt & Vinegar

5.5 oz bag$0.69/oz
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