Creamy Cashew Vegan Mac & Cheese, Spicy ChipotleCreamy Cashew Vegan Mac & Cheese, Spicy Chipotle811845032015Eat Howl gave everyone's favorite comfort food a dairy-free twist without sacrificing flavor. In fact, they kicked things up a notch by adding smoky chipotle peppers. We're betting this pantry staple becomes a new family favorite.10.3 oz box
Mac and Cheeze - by Very good
Absolutely love - by This was delicious
Delicious - by I had Mac and cheese cravings while I was pregnant and this was perfect!
Not for me - by This was okay but not cheesy enough. I appreciate how all of the ingredients are recognizable whole foods but it’s the kind of product I would want to add ingredients to, to get more of a mac and cheeze taste.
Not for me - by I didn’t like this at all. I could barely eat it. Just not for me but if you like vegan cheese maybe you’ll like it.
Eat Howl
Eat Howl

Creamy Cashew Vegan Mac & Cheese, Spicy Chipotle

10.3 oz box$0.56/oz
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