Planète Vivante Chardonnay 2020Planète Vivante Chardonnay 2020T01122Here’s Chardonnay that was left to its own devices—no oak influence here. The fresh, ripe finish (hello, lemon zest and pear) with only a hint of acid makes for a crowd-pleasing and food-friendly addition to your wine rack. Serve it alongside cheese platters and seafood, or sip it while you cook or linger outdoors.One 750 ml bottle
Not oaky enough - by More fresh tasting than oaky and that’s just not my vibe but would be good for someone that likes less full bodied chards
EthicDrinks Chardonnay - by This chardonnay is fantastic! It is slightly sweet, fruity. Paired well with the grilled shrimp salad I prepared! Great value for a great wine, will buy again!
Great Chardonnay - by The Thrive white wines have been hit or miss for me, but this is a definite hit! I've enjoyed all the bottles from this brand & this has been a repeat purchase
Chardonnay - by Clean fruity taste
Delicious Chardonnay - by Delicious Chardonnay!

Planète Vivante Chardonnay 2020

One 750 ml bottle
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