Vague de Bonheur Graves 2020Vague de Bonheur Graves 2020T01145Finding an affordable, aromatic, and go-to grilling wine (that also happens to be crafted sustainably in Bordeaux) is no longer a tall order. This Cabernet and Merlot blend features ripe fruit flavor including cherry and prune alongside mellow tannins that let you know they’re around without being overbearing. Be sure to let this wine breathe—swirl it in the glass to enjoy woody, savory notes that emerge with some air.One 750 ml bottle
Great - by I love a dry wine, and this satisfies that preference for me.
Love - by Perfect dry accessible wine!
Smooth and full bodied - by A beautiful wine that pairs with grilled dishes and even curries (we drank it with a Thai curry!). Smooth and easy to drink, plus no hangover!
Excellent - by Great wine, nice to have an ethical and vegan brand available on Thrive
pretty good - by a good, basic red wine

Vague de Bonheur Graves 2020

One 750 ml bottle
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