Mini Cookies, Chocolate ChipMini Cookies, Chocolate Chip850008262234Fat Snax makes its mini cookies just the right size for a keto-friendly & gluten-free indulgence. An almond flour base bakes up crisp with creamy chocolate chips, butter, and 2g net carbs per serving.5 oz box
Sweet tooth - by Perfect for a sweet tooth
Decent enough - by Keto alternatives are getting better and better, and these are decent. I personally probably won't get them again because they're way too caloric and lacking in nutrients. Junk food is still junk food even if it's keto.
Enjoyed these - by I received these as a gift from Thrive. Really surprised at how good these are. The ingredients are excellent making them much more guilt free. The box is quite small and the contents even smaller for the price. I really did enjoy them.
LOVE - by I used to be obsessed with the Highkey cookies, but these are even better! I would eat these over even regular chocolate chip cookies
Good - by Tastes sweet at first then salty. But if you’re greedy like me, you’ll do what I did and eat them all really fast so sweet is all you taste until you’re done with the box haha
Fat Snax

Mini Cookies, Chocolate Chip

Fat Snax
5 oz box$1.16/oz
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