Organic Borlotti Beans, Low SodiumOrganic Borlotti Beans, Low Sodium854014002495Borlotti beans (aka Cranberry Beans) from Jack's Quality are eye-catching, and they're nutty, creamy, and low-sodium, too. This organic Italian legume can dress up dishes from salads to stuffed peppers—the possibilities are endless. On the nutrition front, each serving delivers 7g of protein and 11g of fiber.13.4 oz carton
Beans - by Added these to my homemade veggie soup. Great taste! Easy to use. Love not having to open a can!
XL pinto beans - by Nothing wrong with these. It’s just that they jumbo pinto beans - identical in taste and texture. Nothing unique.
It's beans. - by I made a dip. I took off a star because the packaging is annoying to open. The product itself is not bad at all.
Berlotti - by I wasn't familiar with Berlotti beans, but I love Jack's other varieties for the packaging quality & price, so I gave these a shot. They're really good! Kind of like a softer cross between a Cannellini bean & a pinto. In fact, that's how I'm using them. In soups that call for cannellini & in burritos when I ran out of pintos.
Meh - by These are not like any cranberry beans I have previously had**, in taste, texture or color. Will not buy again. **have only used dried cranberry beans before grown by a neighboring farmer. YUM!
Jack's Quality
Jack's Quality

Organic Borlotti Beans, Low Sodium

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