Mini Cookies, Almond Butter Chocolate ChipMini Cookies, Almond Butter Chocolate Chip856762007777LesserEvil knows sometimes you just need a cookie. Enter, a non-GMO and grain-free alternative made with almond butter and rich chocolate. These treats might be mini in size but they're big on flavor. Oh, and this bag is keto- and paleo-friendly too.4.4 oz box
Almond buttery and good - by Good snack !
NOT KETO-FRIENDLY! - by I browsed by keto diet and started off with a few items in order to try out this site and packaged keto snacks. I read ingredients for all items I put in cart (or so I thought). I apparently missed this box. Imagine my surprise when I realized after eating a couple that they contain coconut sugar. This is in no way keto friendly and this categorization needs to be changed. Ensure you read labels of EVERYTHING you put in your cart regardless of what search terms you use.
Good texture and flavor - by Wish it came in a larger box. These cookies do not last long in our house. Very good. And healthy (but don't tell the kids!)
A - by A
Tasted stale - by We received the birthday cake flavor of these as a member gift and loved them, so decided to try this flavor. Maybe we got a bad batch, but thought they tasted stale and burnt.

Mini Cookies, Almond Butter Chocolate Chip

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