Shower Bomb, Menthol & EucalyptusShower Bomb, Menthol & Eucalyptus852113006154What this little bomb lacks in size it makes up for in airway-clearing, spa-steaming, aromatherapy goodness. Menthol and eucalyptus oils help to open your sinuses and invigorate skin, surrounding you with a cooling fog as you shower. HOW TO USE:Step into the shower and place the bomb beneath the stream of water but away from the drain. Breathe deeply and enjoy as the soothing steam swirls around you.4 shower bombs (2 oz each)
Meh - by No smell, dissolves very fast. Not worth the money!
Short lived and little aroma - by Didn’t smell
Not worth it - by These sounded amazing… a fun little addition when you really need a de-stress. But they are a flop. No smell. Melts in a 1 minute.
Smell good - by I like the smell of these. Helped clear my sinuses when I had a cold. They do dissolve faster than other ones I have used in the past.
Dissolved too quickly and not fragrant enough - by I was excited to try this shower bomb, but it wasn’t fragrant enough. Also dissolved too quickly.
Level Naturals
Level Naturals

Shower Bomb, Menthol & Eucalyptus

4 shower bombs (2 oz each)$1.70/shower bomb
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