Brownie Thins, Classic ChocolateBrownie Thins, Classic Chocolate857593004126Sweetened naturally with coconut sugar, Lillabee Snacks' Brownie Thins satisfy your chocolate cravings and sneak in 4g of protein per serving. Plus, these crispy treats are gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo-friendly.4 oz bag
Dairy free “cookie”/“brownie” - by I ate the whole bag in two days. So tasty. They are a great option if you are dairy free and looking for a cookie/brownie type snack!
yummy - by These are great cookies
Cookies - by Taste like chocolate vanilla waffers.
not good tasting - by I was excited for these but not a seller for a chocolate craving at all! not sure what sort of chocolate was used but not the flavor I was expecting. it's like the sugar was forgotten or something.
Not What I Expected - by Not what I expected or hoped them to be. I love dark chocolate, but these had an odd flavor. I would eat one, then close the bag. Then later, I’d try another. Each time, I would think, it can’t be that bad. I finally had to admit that I really just didn’t like them at all.
Lillabee Snacks
Lillabee Snacks

Brownie Thins, Classic Chocolate

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