Clear Menstrual Cup, Model 2Clear Menstrual Cup, Model 26430024460025That time of the month is rarely the time of your life, but Lunette Clear Cups make periods a whole lot better. The Model 2 is the company's bestseller, designed for women with average or heavier menstrual flows. It's made of soft, medical-grade silicone that’s a little sturdier than Model 1. You can use Lunette Cups for up to 12 hours—meaning no more bathroom emergencies. And they're super easy and barely noticeable once inserted. Best of all, since you can use Lunette Cups for years, you'll be helping the environment and saving money, too. Diameter 46 mm (1.8'') Stem length 20 mm (.8'') Cup length 52 mm (2'') Volume 30 ml (1 fl oz)1 each
Good alternative. - by Without getting too much into details it serves its purpose and is really good when you get accustomed to it. This has been used over tampons for a while now.
Solid menstural cup - by I think this is a great option. Its a very personal choice. I personally struggle with any kind of menstrual cup usage. Nothing against this one though.
too big - by was too big for me and not easy to bend
not for me - by Very uncomfortable, causes painful cramps.
Great alternative to tampons - by I have been using a cup for years. The Lunette cup has been my favorite so far.
Sustainably Farmed

Clear Menstrual Cup, Model 2

1 each
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Sustainably Farmed