Purple Menstrual Cup, Model 2Purple Menstrual Cup, Model 26430024463026While menstrual cups might not have you looking forward to your period, they definitely make that time of the month easier. Lunette Cups come in two varieties, Model 1 and Model 2. Lunette’s Model 2 is the company's bestseller, created for women with "normal" or heavy menstrual flows. They're made of soft, medical-grade silicone—and they’re so comfortable, you won't even feel them. Unlike tampons, you can wear Lunette Cups up to 12 hours. They also last for years, which means much less waste and environmental impact than other menstrual products. Bonus: they're purple! Diameter 46 mm (1.8'') Stem length 20 mm (.8'') Cup length 52 mm (2'') Volume 30 ml (1 fl oz)1 each
Liked it but found a better one - by For my first cup, it was great. I found a better brand that I like now and prefer my new brand (bloodybuddy) to this one
Perfect firmness and has not leaked - by Lunette, Purple Menstrual Cup, Model 2
Super uncomfortable - by I was very disappointed upon getting this cup because I was very excited to try it. However, I found it to be unbearably uncomfortable. I am already a disc user so insertion wasn’t the issue. The hard “tail” was very painful.
Not my fave - by I've been using the Oi brand cup for about three years, and I'm a huge fan. Never leaks and I never feel it in. This one is the exact opposite. It's very rigid, making it had to get in/out, it's leaked every time I've had it in and I always feel it when it's in. Im not that sensitive, and grind thing has caused nothing but pain and discomfort.
Period cup - by Takes some time to figure out, and a little help from the internet, but overall it’s a great way to help with cutting down waste

Purple Menstrual Cup, Model 2

1 each
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