Moroccan Preserved LemonsMoroccan Preserved Lemons852955007098Mina's fragrant and uniquely shaped beldi lemons are indigenous to Morocco where Mina handpicks and naturally cure them in sea salt. The pulp and rind are essential to Moroccan cuisine where they are used in tagines and salads. They also compliment any dish that benefits from a lemony taste. These lemons faithfully reflect Morocco’s unique culinary history.12.5 oz jar
Terrible. - by These are terrible. They taste like Lemon floor cleaner. Make your own or try a different brand because these are WAY off the mark.
Easier than making them! - by Easier than making them- great!
Almost tastes spoiled. - by I would not buy again.
Never got to try - jar leaking - by The jar was leaking so didn’t try. How can I get a replacement?
Preserved Lemons are amazing - by I have not bought this brand yet, I am about to, but the people not liking them don't understand what they are and how to use them. Preserved Lemons are packed in salt and allowed to age. They are supposed to be salty. You don't eat them out of the jar, you use them in other dishes and have to use them to your taste. Buying a jar today.

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

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