Golden PowerGolden Power680692640045Numi Tea's Golden Power Daily Super Shot combines turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and rich coconut cream. Each two-ounce glass bottle delivers 20 percent of your recommended daily value of vitamin C.6 bottles (2 fl oz each)
Golden powder - by I love starting out my day with one of these great pic.k me up.
Not a fan - by I enjoy natural flavors and acquired tastes, but this stuff was like spicy hand soap. tried to learn to like it, ended up throwing it out.
Pick me up - by Love this,it's great for when you are feeling under the weather!
Quality - by I like the Numi Teas but I like the Matcha much better and use it occasionally. Plus, this was turmerics last chance with me. I gave it one more try but it just doesn't like me...actually upsets my digestion.
Morning shot - by I drink these daily for a little immunity boost and they are also helpful with inflammation or tummy troubles. The turmeric plus ginger is an undefeatable combo!
Numi Tea
Numi Tea

Golden Power

6 bottles (2 fl oz each)$3.00/bottle
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