Turmeric Chai Golden LatteTurmeric Chai Golden Latte680692209037Move over chai latte because turmeric wants to join the party in this flavorful golden milk that warms you up with an aromatic blend of organic ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom spices. Plus, reap the health benefits of fair trade turmeric, especially when combined with black pepper, long used as a potent ingredient in Ayurvedic diets. Makes 24 servings.2.12 oz box
Delicious - by I really like this but wish it was in an easier reusable container.
It's just turmeric - by There's nothing chai about this. You'll just be drinking undissolvable, gritty, turmeric powder.
Tastes wonderfully nutty - by I've made my own "chai" and it's time consuming and expensive. This is a great quick alternative. I love it!
Upsessed - by Its not to strong and i live it drink one cup everyday with almond/coconut milk and honey
get for digestion - by perfect for detoxing. tastes earthy
Numi Tea
Numi Tea

Turmeric Chai Golden Latte

2.12 oz box$5.89/oz
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