Organic Hazelnut Spread, Classic
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Organic Hazelnut Spread, ClassicOrganic Hazelnut Spread, Classic692752107276From the coconut oil masters comes organic and vegan chocolate hazelnut spread that will transform your smoothies, toast, and fruit salads with every spoonful! This decadent treat has 40% less sugar than the leading brand, and boasts 450mg omega-3 and 5g of dietary fiber per serving. With such hefty nutrition and overwhelming flavor, you’ve never had a better excuse to spread liberally.13 oz jar
Great - by This isn't quite as creamy as the unhealthier brand version. It seems like there is more oil here. And it does not seem as chocolatey a taste. But it’s a nice alternative to the one in the store and kids don’t know the difference.
Good nutella sub - by Excellent sub for Nutella without all of the questionable ingredients *digs spoon into jar for second bite*
Definitely not Nutella - by For something that still isn't healthy for you, it's definitely not a worthy substitute for Nutella.
It's no nutella - by This tastes like rancid oil -- I'm not getting any chocolate, sweetness, or hazelnut flavor. Save yourself the trouble and just buy nutella. No, nutella is not organic, but if you're basically going to eat chocolate and fat and sugar, it should at least taste like something!!
Great taste. - by My toddler loves this with peanut butter

Organic Hazelnut Spread, Classic

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