Thai Coconut BrothThai Coconut Broth851899005795Here's a shortcut to Tom Kha Gai soup and Thai curries: Ocean's Halo coconut broth. Organic and delicious, it makes it easy to whip up favorite takeout dishes in your own kitchen.32 fl oz carton
Thai Coco Broth - by Not what I imagined it would taste like. If feeling adventurous - go for it but be ready for an indescribable taste.
yummy - by Easy shortcut for soup, or good by itself
I love this stuff!!! - by So much flavor! Will buy again!
great sipping broth - by This makes a great sipping broth and soup - recommend.
Underwhelming - by I feel like the flavor could be a little stronger for this; however, its a great option if you are trying to do easy Thai soups at home and don't mind adding some spices in on your own.
Ocean's Halo
Ocean's Halo

Thai Coconut Broth

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