Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons, RegularOrganic Cotton Applicator Tampons, Regular9421904034006If you prefer tampons to pads, or are planning sports, swimming or any other activities where a tampon is required, then the tampon range from Oi Tampons with Biodegradable Applicator are the perfect choice. Regular - Suitable for light flow, between 6 and 9 grams. Contains 14 Applicator Tampons16 count
Ya know - by A little rough, but at least it has clean ingredients
Organic cotton, clean and safe - by These tampons are fully organic cotton, which I love. They aren't as comfortable as some other brands I've tried, and they are slightly more expensive than one brand that is also regularly available. They didn't wow me enough to justify spending more.
Cotton organic - by Oi, Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons, Regular
Too big - by Oi, Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons, Regular
good tampons, mediocre applicators - by I really like the tampons themselves... by far the most comfortable organic brand I've tried, which is why I keep buying them. The applicators, on the other hand, are awful. The two pieces of cardboard often stick together, which is a huge pain. I've finally figured out how to get past this - before inserting the tampon, I push the applicator just a little so that it unlocks, but not enough to push the tampon out, and then it works well after that. But really wishing Oi would fix this problem.

Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons, Regular

16 count
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