Mighty Mushroom BrothMighty Mushroom Broth850011996584To capture the complete nutritional value of mushrooms, OM's grows organic superfood funghi on indoor California farms. Each serving of broth features all 22 amino acids and more than 2,000 mg of Certified Organic mushroom powder featuring a combination of shitake, maitake, turkey tail, reishi, lion's mane, and king trumpet.10 count
Great boost of energy in afternoon - by Love drinking this mixed into a cup of hot water - noticeable difference in focus and energy level.
Super good to cook with - by I don’t like mushrooms but thought I would try this to get the health properties without the actual chewy mushroom texture. I shake this over chicken and veggies and bake it in the oven, it has great flavor and makes the water from the veggies and chicken turn into a broth. Highly recommend. Haven’t tried it as a tea though.
Great cold weather boost - by I use it when the temperature is not 100 degrees outside to help break my intermittent fasts. It gives me nutrition and energy without slowing my system down like meals can. I like the chicken flavor better because this flavor has a powdery texture for some reason.
kind of made me feel sick - by for some reason i’ve felt quite nauseously sick twice after having this, i thought it could be due to the oats although it does say gluten free. could just be me, & i may try again to see what happens
Great benefits but a bit muddy - by I love drinking this in the morning but I doesn’t really dissolve well in hot water so it’s a bit muddy at the end

Mighty Mushroom Broth

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