Paleo Starter KitPaleo Starter KitPaleoStarterKitThrive Market 11-Piece Paleo Starter Kit Sometimes called the Neolithic or caveman diet, or eating “primal,” the Paleo way requires consuming the same things that were available to our hunter-gatherer ancestors thousands of years ago. Back then, the menu consisted of lots of meat, fish, berries, tubers, and vegetables—and none of the packaged and processed foods full of grains, dairy, and sugar that many rely on today. That’s because—according to Paleo proponents—our bodies haven’t evolved enough to digest these kinds of foods properly. Though they may be the pillars of the Standard American Diet, grains, dairy, and sugar are thought to be the root cause of many ailments that afflict modern humans, including obesity, diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. Paleo, on the other hand, is a way to step back and adhere to a diet that humans have been eating and digesting just fine since the dawn of time. But, with Thrive Market’s starter kit you don’t need a time machine, or even a ride to the grocery store. The kit comes straight to your door and is filled with 10 non-processed, non-GMO, Paleo-approved items to enjoy morning, day, and night.11 products
Loved it! - by An excellent way to try out a variety of Paleo products.
Good starter kit - by This was a nice kit. I had been paleo and kinda fell off the wagon. I was getting back into it and this was a nice little kit to get going again.
Perfect intro! - by Great to be able to sample such a variety of Paleo friendly items and at a significant savings:). Please keep putting together more of these bundles!
Great chance to try new stuff - by I love this product. Great way to investigate more Keto.
Can’t go wrong - by All products are great and useful!
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Paleo Starter Kit

11 products
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