Crunchy Chocolate Chip CookiesCrunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies852761007008Partake Foods doesn't mess around with its vegan & allergy-friendly cookies. Each crunchy bite is baked with a gluten-free flour blend, vanilla, chocolate chips, and fair trade cane sugar for the ultimate dessert experience.5.5 oz box
Delicious - by These cookies are delightful! It’s not often I can say that about gluten free baked goods.
Not for me - by Too crunchy… dry and not very appetizing.
Healthy treat - by Healthy treat
Good but bad - by Cookies in general are good so I ate them. But they tasted like new shoe smell. When I eat them I remember shoe shopping for school when I was a kid. Good memories but not supposed to have that while eating cookies. They soaked up milk really well and have a good initial taste but then it hits you. Would not buy these again. I saw other reviews about the taste but decided to give them a shot. They were right
Okay - by Husband liked them. Not best we've had
Partake Foods
Partake Foods

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

5.5 oz box$0.78/oz
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