Konjac Body Sponge, OriginalKonjac Body Sponge, Original850024072107PURE SOL's konjac body sponge helps you get glowing. Made from pure konjac root, this effective scrubber helps deep clean, exfoliate, and remove makeup.1 count
Ok sponge - by This sponge is very soft and has a good lather. It doesn’t exfoliate much, but is a very soft sponge that distributes soap well. I was looking for something coarse.
It really is natural and smells like it! - by I love finding new natural products to try, specially in the beauty department as that is not a natural strength of mine. I admit it, I am rather a geek and like to spend a minimum amount of time on vanity but in the end as I grow older I see that beauty is a lot more about health than I understood. All this to say, I had no idea Konjac was a plant or that this kind of beauty body sponge could be made from it! One of the first things I noticed after getting in my big beautiful tub and getting this natural body sponge wet was the scent. It is an earthy grain smell I think. Keep in mind I am pregnant and have a super sensitive nose. The scent is not left of the body thankfully and it fades with usage. The second thing I noticed is that the sponge felt a bit slimy. Honestly I was shocked that it left no residue behind. On the contrary the sponge does just as promised, it exfoliates and leaves skin clean and smooth. It feels like silk gliding over the skin and provides a very quick washing. I am very impressed! I am so glad I was given this product so I could review it and share my honest opinion. I had never heard of this plant and wouldn't have guessed how helpful this sponge is. I am not an expert but I am a believer!
Works great but has an odor - by I tried this for the first time today on my sensitive skin. This sponge had a sturdy, almost-rubbery feel once it was wet. I scrubbed all over with it and it did not irritate my skin at all. While washing, it felt soft against my skin, so I wondered if it was really exfoliating, but after my shower, I could definitely tell it had worked because my skin was very smooth. It even smoothed my calloused feet. HOWEVER, I am super-sensitive to smells, and this sponge had a mushroomy sort of odor that I could detect the whole time I used it, even through heavily scented body wash. My husband said he didn't smell the odor on me after my shower, but when I gave him the konjac sponge to sniff, he said he did notice it and it smelled like a weird vegetable or mushroom. I'll try to use this again, because it worked great without irritating, but that odd odor really bothers me, which is why it lost one star in this review.
Feels great and doesn't irritate my skin! - by I just recently discovered these great sponges, I love the ones I use on my face, so I thought the next would be trying one for my body also. This sponge is just as nice as the ones I use on my face. It's super soft and doesn't irritate my skin, which is a miracle. I have very sensitive skin and stopped using regular loofah's a long time ago. This is definitely much better. The only problem I have is that it slips out of my hands in the shower all the time. If there was some kind of strap on the back to put your hand through that would make it perfect.

Konjac Body Sponge, Original

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