Grain Free Pretzel Chips, Cracked Pepper & GarlicGrain Free Pretzel Chips, Cracked Pepper & Garlic856369004896Pretzels for all! From Quinn Snacks, this paleo-friendly and Certified Gluten-Free snack satisfies cravings sans-grains and each piece is dusted with garlic and cracked pepper for sophisticated flavor.5.5 oz bag
Best gluten-free pretzels. - by Healthier ingredients than Snyder’s of Hanover. These pretzels are crunchy and the pepper and garlic complement the salt for a tangy taste. The name and quality of the product have varied in the past year, but they’re at their best now.
Good - by These are good but missing something not as good as the pretzels
Live this brand - by Great flavors and option when you want a crunchy snack with no gluten
So good - by Satisfies that crunch need!
So yummy! - by Can I get a jumbo bag? I don't think this is a Thrive problem, moreso a Quinn problem but the bottom is always full of crumbled up pretzels... don't love that.
Quinn Snacks
Quinn Snacks

Grain Free Pretzel Chips, Cracked Pepper & Garlic

5.5 oz bag$0.82/oz
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