Maturana Tinta 2018, Full Case of WineMaturana Tinta 2018, Full Case of WinePLW_RzTintMat-12pkOnce on the verge of extinction, the Maturana Tinta grape is thriving in the care of traditional winemakers in Spain’s Rioja valley. This exclusive-yet-affordable bottle features dark fruit with a velvety finish. Don’t miss the chance to taste such a rare and refined red—every sip is full-bodied, luscious, and wildly drinkable.Twelve 750 ml bottles
Mix between a gamay and pinot - by I received this in a mixed box and ordered a whole case! My husband and I both enjoy this one! We both live pinot noir and gamay. No headaches or hangovers. It is 14% so a tad stronger! Cheers
Very pleased - by We are really enjoying this wine. I bought a full case just based on the winemaker’s written description. It’s a beautiful inky deep red wine. It has fruit notes but not too sweet and very smooth. We geeked out looking up the rare grape variety, Maturana Tinta. What a unique pleasure to share this delicious wine. Thank you, Thrive. It exceeded my expectations.
The BEST - by If you like the fine pinot noir, you would LOVE this!! This wine is between pinot noir and cabernet. Medium-full body. This is for someone who does NOT like high acidity. Very smooth, berry, chocolate, oak, and fruity wine. I will buy a dozen case!
nice wine to pair with many meals - by I wish I were better at wine so I could verbalize my opinions in a more helpful way, but I can say that I always prefer reds and I think I like a full bodied, dry red best, but not too tannic. (I despise the heavy oak taste in most California Chardonnay, for example, though I also enjoy drinking black tea without cream or sugar, so...) This is a nice, easy red to drink. As the only one who drinks in my household, it's good when I can find a bottle to enjoy with whatever we eat every day for a few days in a row to finish off a bottle! I tried a mixed case of reds, and disliked most of them, so it was a relief that this case (at a higher price per bottle) was so much more palatable to me. The wines in the mixed red case mostly tasted to "thin" to me, as if they lacked substance. I typically order a Cab or Pinot Noir in a restaurant with food. If you like richer wines, this is a better choice to try than the mixed red case on offer in early 2021.
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Maturana Tinta 2018, Full Case of Wine

Twelve 750 ml bottles
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