Sparkling Probiotic, Blackberry GrapeSparkling Probiotic, Blackberry Grape817992020721Juicy blackberry and grape flavors elevate Revive's sparkling kombucha that's an organic way to give your gut added support. Crafted in small batches in Petaluma, California, Revive makes its recipe with quality ingredients, and each serving offers 5 billion probiotics, 20 calories, and only 5g of sugar.12 oz can
Just wanted to try - by Pleasantly surprised how good these were
Good! - by Love these revive drinks
Revive - by One of the best ones
Probiotic Beverage(s) - Revive - by These Drinks are awesome subs for my craving for a bubbly drink like soda or water. They are excellent with a crisp taste and taste fresh. Mild/Moderate depending on the flavor for sweetness but I would say they are one of the better drinks I have had with very low carb/sugar content I stray from!
Revive Drink, Blackberry grape - by One of my favorites. It has a good flavor even for a probiotic drink.
Revive Drinks
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Sparkling Probiotic, Blackberry Grape

Revive Drinks
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