Organic Keto Chocolate SyrupOrganic Keto Chocolate Syrup850009173102Plant-based and keto-friendly, RxSugar's organic chocolate syrup is made with allulose, a plant-based sweetener that's zero calories, zero net carbs and low on the glycemic index. This pantry staple is suitable for diabetics, low FODMAP dieters, and paleo lifestyles—drizzle it over desserts, add it to milkshakes, or swirl it into baked goods.16 fl oz bottle
Very Misleading - by I can't believe they even get away with calling this plant-based. While there is an allulose plant, that's not where this product comes from. Allulose the sweetener is artificially made from corn!
Chocolate syrup - by Too sweet and not enough chocolate flavor.
Terrible taste - by Don’t buy
Rxsuagar, organic keto chocolate syrup - by Did not like
I really wanted to love this… - by I added this to my coffee and it tasted delicious. Unfortunately there was an unexpected side effect that would make this a better colonoscopy prep than keto treat.
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