Wild White Albacore TunaWild White Albacore Tuna627987271508Scout Wild White Albacore Tuna is MSC Certified and sourced from responsible fisheries in the Pacific Northwest. Hand-cut and hand-packed, each portion of chunky tuna is preserved in organic olive oil to ensure freshness from sea to shelf.3.2 oz can
a little spendy - by this brand uses smaller cans than usual for tuna etc, but they are in a cute little box that makes the portion appear a little bigger (and is imo just wasteful over-packaging). despite being less product, they cost quite more than other sustainable brands like wild planet and thrive. i dont get the impression they are "more" sustainable or better in any measurable way, but maybe i'm missing something. the fish is great, but totally comparable to other high quality brands, so i doubt i'll choose it again. the logo/packaging are super appealing, and i gather that's what you're paying for ;)
great tuna - by delicious and great quality wild caught tuna
Scout, Wild White Albacore Tuna - by Tuna is yummy, can is on the small size, for one person only, though that's sometimes the perfect size.
great product - by the taste is wonderful
Pricy - by The taste is wonderful. The packaging is smaller than a typical can.

Wild White Albacore Tuna

3.2 oz can$1.87/oz
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