Dijon Balsamic DressingDijon Balsamic Dressing048001009646A silky and balanced vinaigrette made with dark and white balsamic vinegars and Dijon mustard.8.45 oz. bottle
So good - by This is great! And so tasty
Did not like - by Not so good
Top notch balsamic that’s clean! - by I have yet to find a clean ingredient dressing that tastes good/tastes like I expect it to. Now I have! Just the right amount of sweet and tangy that you want from a balsamic and great consistency. I also love that there aren’t any added gums or questionable ingredients.
Very tasty addition to my salads - by This dressing intrigued me. I love Dijon mustard but I’m not a fan of honey mustard salad dressings. When I tasted this I was hooked! Great balance between the mustard and vinegar. I think it might also make a good marinade for grilled chicken!
Nice flavor - by Thicker than I thought. Need to shake before each use.
Sir Kensington's
Sir Kensington's

Dijon Balsamic Dressing

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